Best Canadian Online Casinos – Trusted & legit sites 2020

A winning trophyChoosing the best casino site can mean different things to different players, as the best online casino features to some might not be the same for others. But all players should know what to look for when choosing a good destination where they can play. In this guide to choosing the best Canadian casino, the team has covered all important aspects you should consider before you sign up. Take for example incentives that come in the form of promotions, or the regulation that keeps you, your data and your money safe. Find out what you should look out for before you get started in the exciting world of slots and table games and consider the following table that shows nine great online casino sites that offer many benefits such as great bonuses and games.

  • Mobile App
    Apple and Android icons
  • Rating
  • Bonus
  • Huge promtions
  • Many mobile games
  • Great usability
Provider Rating Offer Mobile App Bonus Review To the website
Playamo casino logo 96%
  • Top games
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Many promotions
Apple and Android icons C$1500 Playamo review Play now!
The Spin Casino logo in 150x38 pixel 94%
  • Huge game selection
  • Fast payments
  • 24/7 support
Apple and Android icons C$1000 Spin Casino review Play now!
The third All Slots logo 92%
  • Hundreds of slots
  • High payout rates
  • Great live center
Apple and Android icons C$1500 All Slots review Play now!
A third Royal Vegas logo 90%
  • Great customer service
  • Modern games
  • Progressive jackpots
Apple and Android icons C$1200 Royal Vegas review Play now!
The third Europalace logo 89%
  • Great welcome offer
  • Many table games
  • Fast live chat
Apple and Android icons C$600 Europalace review Play now!
Image that shows the 888Casino logo 88%
  • Reliable provider
  • Award winning site
  • Fun games
Apple and Android icons C$140 888 Casino review Play now!
The small Leovegas logo 86%
  • Award winning site
  • Great mobile experience
  • Top games
Apple and Android icons C$1000 Leo Vegas Casino review Play now!
The last Royal Panda logo 85%
  • Many promotions
  • Fast & secure payments
  • Many Top slots
Apple and Android icons C$100 Royal Panda review Play now!
The 3rd Bodog Logo 83%
  • Modern live center
  • Great payout rates
  • Good mobile site
Apple and Android icons C$600 Bodog review Play now!

How to choose the best casino site

Choosing the best casino site isn’t a one-size fits all process, as different players have different interests. Just like the best meal to one person might be chicken while it might be steak to someone else, there are a lot of different criteria that players can use to make these types of determinations. The most important advice that any player should take when they choose the best site for them is to lay out a list of priorities that they want from a casino, ranking them in order of importance from the most vital quality to the least important to figure out what you need and want.

Choose the right site in three steps

There is a general consensus as to what a top 10 online casino is, but some of the most important criteria that players look for in their online casinos are things like available promotions, accepted payment methods and available game types. Finding a casino that has all of these criteria to suit a player’s needs isn’t a guarantee, but evaluating these criteria from site to site to determine the best possible site for each individual is the difference between playing at any casino and playing at the right casino for your specific needs.

Online casino free spins and no deposit bonus

Online casino promotions are a great way to get involved with an online casino site. And some of the best online casinos in Canada offer such promotions, which can range from bonuses given to players when they make a deposit to cash back on losses from the casino, to prizes. Players who are looking for strong casino promotions can often look to a top 10 list of casinos for Canada to find out what is being offered but, again, any promotion a player takes advantage of should line up with their needs.

Deposit bonuses are either a percentage or flat-rate bonus that is applied on top of a player’s deposit. For example, some sites offer a 100% bonus on a player’s first deposit up to a certain dollar amount to increase a player’s bankroll before they even start playing. Casino reimbursements, meanwhile, often come in the form of bonuses that are given as a percentage of the amount a player has wagered in the casino over a specified time period. These bonuses can be great for players, but every promotion has terms and conditions that should be read before getting in on the action.

Overview of great casino promotions

The online casino no deposit bonus allows new players at the site the opportunity to play and win without having to deposit any of their own money right from the start. These bonuses are often a small amount of free slot play or something similar, but there is the possibility to win with these complimentary bonuses, which have the potential to get new casino goers started on the right foot with the new site of their choosing. Just like a free sample of food, these bonuses are usually just a small taste to help you figure out how you feel about a specific casino site.

Regulatiory aspects

The regulation hs come long way. More than a century ago gambling was illegal and more leisure activity people followed in their own homes. As a consequence there were hardly any casinos. However, since there are so many aspects about the gambling history in Canada, the team has summarized this history into the following image.
Small glance at the Canadian gambling history

Regulation of the online casino industry is a good thing, in that it helps players to feel confident that the sites they are playing at are legit. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the governing body, so to speak, that oversees the industry in Canada, making sure that the sites that are commonly used in the country can be trusted by players in terms of the games they offer and the funding methods they provide. They do this by providing licenses to betting sites, such as online casinos, who have to prove that they are legitimate and fair operations to operate in the country.

Think of this commission as choosing a trusted and legal casino over a local casino. The sportsbook is subject to regulation and has to answer to a commission that makes sure that they pay people when they are supposed to and that they are operating above board. And while those regulated entities might have their winnings taxed, while the casino does not, the regulations that are in place make sure that the legal route protects your deposited funds, while providing games that are guaranteed to be fair to players who choose to take part in them.

One of the main benefits of using a regulated, trusted online casino is the presence of security measures throughout their sites. As opposed to an unregulated site, where players’ financial and login info are not subject to any safety protocol, these sites are required to put measures in place that protect the information of their players throughout their use of the sites. Perhaps the most important of these security measures is the encryption that goes into the payment portion of a casino. But who are there regulation organizations? Well, take a look at this image.

Three regulatory organizations_2

It goes without saying that payment information being protected online is one of the most important facets of the internet as a whole, the online casino industry included. And thanks to the standards set in online gaming regulations, any respectable online casino has security to protect the payment information of its players. Whether a player is using their credit card or other methods of funding, peace of mind should be a given when getting a casino account ready to play. Fortunately, these security measures make that happen.

Of course, if you are unsure if a site has the proper security protocol in place to handle your payment information, don’t be afraid to reach out to customer support to verify before potentially putting your information at risk To make your life easier we will show you by whom some of the most popular sites are regulated.

Playamo Bob Casino Betchan Spin Casino
Curacao MGA Curacao MGA & Kahnawake

Online casino software is at the core of entertainment

The term online casino software sounds vague, but it refers to the software that is used to make online casino games playable on different devices. This software comes from several different providers, all of which are known for putting their own spins on games while providing several unique titles as well. This is important to know, as a casino having or not having games from a specific provider can be a difference maker in choosing a casino. To make this abstract information more specific the following image shows important aspects of Microgaming, one of the leading online casino software provider, upon which many popular online casino sites rely on.

  • null

    More than 800 games

  • null

    1000+ game variations

  • null

    Multiplayer Mode

  • null

    Live Dealers

  • null

    Compatible with mobiles

  • null

    Even Bingo can be included

Most played games in Canada

The most played casino games in Canada are often the most popular games in other parts of the world as well. In this country, though, slots tend to be the most popular game due to all of the different types of slots that are available. Thanks to its superior variety, the catch-all of the slots genre is seen as the most popular game. Behind slots, table games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are in the mix as well, with those games being so widely available in both traditional and live casino formats as a result of the high demand to play them.

Some of the attractive Playamo Slot games

With the innovation of mobile online casinos, players have the freedom of taking their favorite online casino wherever they go. These games are designed especially for mobile phones making your online casino experiences as great as they have always been. However, there are some minor differences between the sites when it comes to available games. Just take a look at the following table.

Online Casino Slots Live games Jackpot games
Playamo +500 +100 Not available
Bob Casino +500 +66 Currently not available
Betchan +400 +80 There are no Jackpot games available
Karamba +230 17 Not available

The 300x60 pixel Playamo logo


It´s more than online slots for real money

Their are plenty of games available on the internet, not just online slots for real money. That makes it especially hard for beginners to find their favourite game. To make things more easy, the following lists consists of the most popular games on the internet.

Slots are massively popular in the online slots world, mostly because they can meet the needs of so many different players. With three reel games, five reel games, games that feature jackpots, and other versions slot games, there is no wonder why slots are so popular regardless of a player’s preferences.

Scratch cards are a fun part of life, as they are usually offered by local lottery providers. But the online casino version of scratch cards are great, as they function similarly to physical scratch cards where players choose where they want to scratch off in hopes of winning. And without having to go to the store to get them, these are a fantastic option.

Video poker is a fun spin on poker, where players can take on a computer generated version of the game to attempt to win big. There are several variations of the game that can be played in the video poker setting, including three card and five card poker. These games are great for players who want poker action without needing a table of opponents.

Bingo is normally associated with bingo halls and the inevitable onslaught of age, but online casino bingo can make the game feel much more fun. Players can play bingo online against other opponents with the potential for fun community elements like chat games among others to liven things up as the numbers are called.

A thrilling live casino

The live casino arm of casino sites has grown in popularity over the years, with players enjoying the ability to take on an actual person instead of a disembodied set of cards. When getting ready to take on the live casino, here are a few things players should take into consideration.

First on the list of priorities when it comes to live casinos is the availability of different games. There is a huge difference between a live casino that offers basic games like Blackjack and Roulette and one that offers several different games. The first version of the live casino wouldn’t be overly interesting after an extended period of time, while the second would have enough in its arsenal to keep things exciting for much longer.

Then there is the quality of dealers at the live casino of your choice. Some dealers are more interactive than others and can make the live dealer experience feel like you are at an actual casino. That is a very desirable trait for a live casino, as is the availability of a live casino bonus. Some sites offer them, which makes them more interesting to live casino game enthusiasts than those that do not. To give you an even better impression of live casino games, please take a look at the following info.

Blackjack is a showdown between a player and the dealer, with the potential for other players to join in at a table as well. The goal is to have a better hand than the dealer, whether that dealer is the disembodied dealer of cards from a typical casino game or an actual person from a live casino setting.

Roulette is a pure game of chance, as the entire game consists of a ball being placed onto a spinning wheel and landing on one of the slots in that wheel. Of course, there are a ton of different ways to bet on roulette to maximize chances of winning, and the potential to win big if a bet on a specific number comes through.

Poker is handled in different ways at different casino sites, but the goal is the same no matter what. That goal is to have a better hand than the opponent, whether that opponent is a centralized dealer or other casino players. Some sites require a download of their poker software to play, so be sure whatever site you choose is compatible with your needs.

Baccarat is incredibly popular both in traditional table games and in the live casino section of websites. This is a card game where the overall goal of the game is to get as close as possible to the number nine with your cards. This game is easy to play, with three betting options to choose from: the player winning, the dealer winning, and a tie.

High roller casino – Where are the biggest Jackpots?

The thought of being a high roller at a casino is an exciting one, as those who are considered high rollers are usually the players who wager the most money and get the most perks from the casino as a result. And in the online casino world, there are plenty of chances to be a high roller as well, thanks to the high roller and VIP programs that exist in many cases.

These VIP and high roller casino programs reward players who play for larger amounts or spend large amounts of time in casino sites. The criteria for these programs is usually laid out on the sites clearly, while some sites prefer that players reach out for more information on their high roller programs.

Either way, these high rollers can be rewarded in a number of ways with examples including reimbursement on a percentage of wagers, prizes, trips, and other benefits that set high rollers apart from other players. Aside from being a high – roller there is another way to win a great amount of money. Jackpot games are very popular. Below image shows some games in 2020 and their respective jackpots.

5 jackpot games in one image

Online casinos for real money – What to look out for in general?

Playing casino games for real money is such a rush, and many online casinos offer the ability to do just that as players would do at a physical casino. These real money casinos are common, and give players a number of options to choose from. The key with these sites is to make sure that your biggest needs are met to make the online casino experience as positive as possible.

As mentioned earlier, while there are tons of online casinos for real money, the best ones will be subject to regulation in Canada to make sure that payments are handled in a secure fashion. Without that security, it might be a smart move to look elsewhere for a site to play on. But once that is figured out, it’s time to focus on the excitement of playing casino games from the comfort of home or elsewhere with the potential of winning real money.

Find a new online casino with our help

Choosing a new online casino can be exciting, as a new casino can mean new games, new promotions, and new chances to win. But there are some things you should consider when you look for a new online casino it is worth thinking about before players get started that could impact which casino you choose.

Most new casino sites offer generous bonuses when compared to more established sites, which is the result of these sites wanting to make their name in the industry. Finding which of those bonuses are most beneficial is a critical step.

Also critical is finding out which new casinos have games that appeal to a player most. If you enjoy table games, going with a new casino that focuses primarily on slots would be a bad choice, for example. Researching new casino sites to figure out where they are licensed. With so many new sites out there, it is important to make sure that the one you choose is well regulated, to be confident that payments are secure at the site. As you can see, choosing a new casino site can take a little research, but that research is well worth it to make sure you are choosing the best option for you.

The third Betchan logo


Casino online payment methods and potential fees

Casino online payment methods are one of the most important pieces of the online casino industry. While having all of the best games is important, it is meaningless if a site doesn’t have payment options that are compatible with what players need to get started. Most sites have a number of typically used payment methods that they can use for deposits and withdrawals, while others have more exotic options. Take for example Playamo. This site accepts many payment methods for your deposits as the following table shows you.

Payment method Fee Processing time Limits per transaction
The small Interac logo Free Instant Min. C$10 / Max. C$4,000
The iDebit logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$10 / Max. C$4,000
The Instadebit logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$10 / Max. C$4,000
A small image that shows the VISA logo Free Instant Min. C$10 / Max. C$4,000
The Mastercard logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$10 / Max. C$4,000
The 150x38 pixel Maestro logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$10 / Max. C$4,000
Here you can see the Paysafecard logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$10 / Max. C$4,000
The Ecopayz logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$10 / Max. C$4,000
The Skrill logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$20 / Max. C$4,000
This image shows the Neteller logo Free Instant Min. C$20 / Max. C$4,000
This image shows the Bitcoin logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. 0,001 BTC/Max. not limited
The Ethereum coin logo Free Instant Min. 0,01 ETH/Max. not limited

The biggest key to online payment methods is whether or not a site has the method that you are most comfortable using. As is the case with any financial transaction, it has to fit in with an individual’s financial plans. Casino transactions are no exception, and this includes any potential fees that might exist. Some sites charge fees on deposits and withdrawals depending on the funding methods used. While this might not be a problem to some, this is something to investigate ahead of time.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the most popular forms of funding an online casino account, thanks to just how common credit cards are in the grand scheme of things. Most online casinos in Canada accept credit cards from major credit card companies, as these cards are the most common way that Canadians process transactions online and possibly offline as well. These transactions are usually instant for added convenience, but that is something worth verifying at the individual casino sites themselves before making a deposit. Whether or not there are credit card processing fees is also something to look into before depositing.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers allow casino players to fund their accounts directly from their bank accounts, rather than having to use a method like a credit card or another method. These methods might be the most efficient and convenient, as they take the middleman out of the transaction entirely. Instead of entering a card number or account number, players in this situation can just authorize a transfer from their account to an account associated with the casino. Once that transaction is complete, it is time to play. Be wary of fees via this method, which might not be instant either depending on the site.


Another convenient method of funding an online casino account is the use of an E-wallet. These wallets include services such as PayPal and Skrill, which are generally available across the world thanks to how popular they are. These methods are usually preferred by players who emphasize their information security, as players have the ability to enter their wallet information, which is likely safer financially than entering a credit card or bank account number. These transactions are still protected by the same security measures as other funding methods as well, for continued peace of mind no matter what method is being used.

Information about real money casino apps

Real money casino apps have taken off in popularity in recent years. With the improvement of mobile device technology combining with the evolution of mobile site and app development, mobile casino gaming has become more sophisticated as time has gone on. But there are a few things to look for when choosing a casino if you planning on playing on mobile devices.

At the top of that list is the number of games that there are to choose from. Many casino sites offer fewer games on mobile than they do on desktop devices, as not every game is compatible with mobile browsers or apps. But making sure that the casino of your choosing offers your favorite games or a large enough selection of games to keep you entertained is worth your time. Further it is very important that players have no hard times when they use the online casino. The following video shows you how to use the LeoVegas Casino.

The presence or lack of a mobile app can also be vital to the mobile Casino experience. Checking your device’s app store for a mobile app for the casino of your choice can be the difference between a good mobile casino experience in a web browser and a great one in a dedicated mobile app whose design is more geared toward that specific device. This will take some searching as well, but can also be rewarding.

Information about a no download casino

Download casinos involve the downloading of casino software, as you might expect after reading the term itself. Players can go to the casino site of their choosing and opt to download casino software in some cases. This software will allow players to play their favorite games when they are online or offline, with their results still impacting their bankroll from the sites.

These download casinos are good for players who want to avoid interruptions while playing or players whose internet connections don’t allow them to play online as reliably as they might like, as these casinos have positives that differ from their no-download counterparts.

While download casinos have a situation that is geared toward players who don’t have to worry about the use of their devices as they relate to the stability of internet connection. If a player trusts their connection and their devices, they can play at a no download casino and play a wider range of games without having to worry about games freezing out or a having to wait to see the impact that each game has on their bankroll.

Most current online casino sites are of the no download variety, as the lack of mobile download capability on most sites makes it difficult for new sites to get involved in that space justifiably. As a whole, online casinos have a lot to learn about, but players who do their research and figure out exactly what they want in an online casino site will be excited to find out that there are plenty of ways to find the best site for them.

A few important online tips

There are many casino tips and allmost all include the random number generators. Random Number Generators, or RNGs, are vital to online casinos from both an operation and fairness perspective. Knowing that they are used at the online casino of your choosing can provide great peace of mind and the knowledge that the games you are playing are being administered fairly. But Random Number Generators are more complicated than that. So what exactly do they do?

RNGs use algorithms to produce a series of transaction identifiers, or seed numbers. Each seed number produces a different random outcome in casino games, whether it be the outcome of a slots spin or a round at the tables. Without those RNGs, there wouldn’t be a way to verify that the outcome of each spin or hand was random. As a result, the top online casino brands use RNGs to assure their customers that they can be trusted. No matter what games you prefer to play, knowing that the outcomes are randomly generated is one of the most important factors players should look at when choosing an online casino.

Winner rates at online casinos signify the percentage of outcomes through the random number generator that will result in a win for the player. This can vary based on which game is being played, as the probability of different games resulting in a win varies wildly. For example, a hand of blackjack carries a higher win probability than a round of slots. This is a function of the winner rate as well, as a higher winner rate on slots games could increase that win probability. If you are interested about the payout rates of the Playojo Casino, please take a look at this table.

Game Payout rate range
Slots Ca. 94% – 95%
Video Slots Ca. 94% – 96%
Roulette Ca. 97%
Table Games Ca. 97% – 99%
Video Poker Ca. 97% – 99%
Blackjack Ca. 99%

Typically, games with the possibility of higher winnings on one spin or hand tend to have lower winner rates than games like blackjack where the winnings are capped based on how much the player risks. Slots are a great example of this, as they offer jackpots and bonus rounds that can turn a small bet into a big win. Their winner rates tend to be the lowest of the games in an online casino. Understanding these probabilities is key to having the best possible online casino experience. The importance of the RNG and the winner rates have been made clear. If you want to enhance your chances and read more, take a look at the following online casino tips.

The Jackpot City logo in 300x60


Customer support information

We simply cannot stress the importance of customer support service for online casinos enough. In fact the last of customer support is the single biggest complaint of the players using online casinos. Most of the operators of online casinos do not have any knowledge or background of customer service and hence they do not realise the importance of paying a lot of attention to the same. But what`s the situation at some popular sites? Please see the table below.

Online Casino Livechat E-Mail Telephone
Playamo Available Via contact form Not available
Bob Casino A Livechat is available Not available Telephone support is not available
Betchan Available Is not available There is currently no telephone support available
Spin Casino Is available Not available

Customer support service in the case of the best online casino Canada can be categorised as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): This section contains a gamut of questions and answers that are asked so often that the operators post them on their websites so as to help the players. The FAQs usually cover a wide variety of topics and issues concerning online betting and hence it is always advisable to check the FAQs before trying out the other available customer support options.

Email: We can safely comment that email is the second most frequently used form of customer support by the online casino players. Sending your complaint/concern via email, helps you keep a record of the same. You also get the name of a contact person who replies to your email – this is always helpful.

Telephone Number: A customer support telephone contact number is an absolute for online casinos. If an online does not furnish either a local contact number or a toll free number, it would be best not to deposit any money in their account. In fact, you, as a player, would be better off selecting another online casino.ays helpful.

Chat Support: Chat is direct and immediate support – this woks along the lines of ICQ or Messengers. Chat support allows you to receive an immediately reply to your queries. At least one of the abovementioned customer support services should be available to the players 24×7.

On the other hand, one can make the statement that online casino scams are partially based on the absence of the above mentioned communication means.

When it`s no longer fun

Gambling is known to be entertaining, thrilling, and perhaps rewarding to players who land on the jackpot. However, there is a thin between responsible gambling and compulsive gambling. While the responsible gambling could be viewed as a fun activity, compulsive gambling is a progressive impulse control disorder that makes players lose control over gambling. Gambling addiction is detrimental and is known; to ruin families, cause finance irrationality, cause depression, and job loss among many other bad things. To make matters worse, gambling addiction knows no race, educational level, gender, or any imaginable demographics. Gambling addiction is rampant and Canadians aren’t exceptional to this condition.

Gambling in Canada rakes over $13 billion a year; this amount exceeds what Canadians spend on movies and hockey ticket combined. With over 90,000 electronic gaming machines, 25,000 bingo licenses, 60+ land-based casinos, and 250 race tracks, it implies that gambling is within reach of many Canadians. It is estimated 3.2% of adult Canadian players are compulsive gamblers. These addicts need attention, they need help and such help needs to come from professional gambling counselors or treatment centers. Luckily enough Canadians can seek help from the following resources:

Organization Website
Anonymous Gamblers support group
Province wise gambling addiction treatment centers
Self-help gambling tools
Gambling addiction helplines
Online resources such as

The short summary

This website provides info about Top10 online casino providers for canadian players who want tob e entertained. Not only the top 10 providers are presented, but also numerous facts about the entertaining casino experiences players can get online. For Canadians there are various issues that are important. Starting with the selection of the best online casino.

Nowadays, gambling is not a trend, but for some players a lifestyle and they are very picky when it comes to slots, websites and solely rely on reputable websites that provide trusted reviews. With the help of the team of players have an experienced partner that tries to fulfill all their needs, as well as informational but also give them information about good and legit games and promotions. That said, for Canadians is one oft he top sources for casino information.

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