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888 Casino review 2020

(Updated on: 01/20/2020)
888 Casino is one of the most trusted casino brands in the world, with the three eights often being seen emblazoned on the shirts of professional poker players and other important members of the wagering industry. As a result, the site has high expectations when it comes to what they offer in the online casino space. In their Canada casino, they put forth just as strong a showing as one would expect.

With plenty of game choices, and a rock-solid situation regarding things like customer service, players should feel great about playing at 888. In this review of 888 casino, find out why 888 Casino is thought of as highly as it is.

Live casino and slot games

A site like 888 Casino that has been around for over two decades should have a solid selection of games built up, by virtue of them working with several different game providers over that period of time to produce the best possible product. Although 888 doesn’t have as many slot games as some of the more prolific sites out there, it still has plenty of options to choose from that make a trip to 888 an exciting one.

As it pertains to slots, 888 almost takes more of a quality over quantity approach with their games, mentioning that they have over 100 games to choose from on their site. With plenty of top casinos boasting that they have over 1,000 slots games to pick from, it isn’t as if players at 888 are going to have rave reviews about the number of games that are here. But with games from NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and even some 888 originals, there are enough games here to provide a nice mix between not having any variety and having some things that haven’t been seen elsewhere.

The site has a RTP value of 96.60%, meaning that players will see approximately $96.60 back for every $100 wagered over a huge sample size. Of course, sometimes players outperform this value and sometimes they underperform relative to it. There is plenty of variance to be had regarding 96.60% RTP, so be sure to prepare for that.

There is also a casino games section of 888 Casino that doesn’t boast a ton of different games but makes the most of the ones that are there. Players can play blackjack and roulette, along with tons of different variations on those two games. But in addition to those two mainstays, players can also take part in games like baccarat, video poker, and plenty of other games to keep the tables feeling as new as the slots.

Of course, nothing makes table games feel fresher than playing them against an actual live dealer. And 888 Casino gives players the chance to do that as well, with a live casino section that accommodates most. There won’t be anything too ground breaking in this section of the site, with mostly the usual blackjack, roulette, baccarat and dream catcher to be found. But what makes 888 Casino look good here is how professional everything looks. They have a strong presentation for these games, with live dealers that look like pros you would find in real casinos.

888 offers special promotions

An online casino without promotions can’t be that different from being an online casino without slot games. That is to say that the site just wouldn’t make any sense. Here at 888 Casino, everything makes plenty of sense as the site offers promotions to players at various stages of their life cycle with the site to make things as enjoyable as possible for players no matter how new or experienced they are.

First Deposit Bonus

max. Bonus

The most common type of promotion offered by 888 is the welcome bonus, which can take on many different forms. The typical sign up bonus requires players to make their initial deposit, which is then assigned a bonus amount that is either a percentage of the initial deposit or a cash value on top of all deposits. There is also the possibility for a no deposit promo to exist at times, where players are given free spins that can be used without having to risk any of a player’s funds.

One of the big pluses about 888 Casino is the fact that players aren’t forced to remember a promo code in order to get what they want. If they want a bonus, it is either listed somewhere to claim or is automatically credited to a player’s account, depending on which promotion is going on at a given time.

It should be noted that promotions like the ones mentioned above are often subject to various terms and conditions that can change depending on which site is administering them. For example, most bonuses are subject to wagering requirements that require the funds generated to be bet a certain number of times before being cash out eligible. And in some cases, only certain games are counted toward that wagering requirement.

Knowing this information before making a deposit is key, and it is recommended that all players read the terms and conditions for any promotion they want to participate in before they start depositing and before it is too late.

Also, players at 888 Casino who are loyal to the site and do lots of playing there should think about taking a run at the site’s VIP program. Known as the Elite Lounge, 888 makes it sound like players who qualify for it are a part of a truly special club that grants them access behind the velvet rope. The benefits of being in this Elite Lounge are plentiful, and include things like daily bonuses, drawings to win cool prizes, and trips to special events.

Modern software and security measurements

The nice thing about today’s online casino games is that they are less and less demanding than they used to be from a software perspective despite being more and more visually attractive. That is the case at 888 Casino as well, as players do not need to download any software to enjoy all of the great things that this site has to offer. Instead, players can simply go to, login to their account and start playing on their various devices.

In terms of software providers, 888 Casino has plenty of those, with the aforementioned slot providers teaming up with 888 to form its roster of games. And with plenty of security measures seeming to have been taken to protect their players, everyone should be confident that they can play here without any issues.

Specifically, players should be confident that they can make financial transactions at 888 Casino without their identity being compromised. The reason for that is the fact that this site has security in place for financial transactions. As per the terms of the licensing agreement that any online casino has, 888 has had to put measures in place to stop any cyber-attack from getting the better of players trying to enter financial data to deposit or withdraw funds.

The site accepts popular payment methods

A good casino without a lot of payment options is like a car without an engine. Sure, there would be a lot of great stuff to look at, but no way to make everything go. Fortunately, 888 Casino does indeed have an engine, so to speak, as they offer all of the most popular payment methods in the online casino industry to help players get off the ground and into the game.

The site offers credit and debit card options from Visa and MasterCard, along with the standard e-wallet solutions like Neteller and Skrill. But what makes 888 Casino better than a lot of their competition regarding payment methods is the fact that players can make deposits via exotic methods like Apple Pay, which could be a game changer for players who like to use that service for its quickness and convenience. Bank transfers and other more conventional funding methods are also available.

As far as withdrawals are concerned, they tend to take a bit longer than deposits do, which is to be expected. Players can anticipate their withdrawals taking closer to a week, whereas depositing funds happens virtually right away. Players can use many of the same methods that were used to deposit in this situation, including bank transfers. Be sure to check the site to confirm that your preferred method is available when the time comes, or contact customer service to verify.

Before making a withdrawal, players are required to verify their personal information. 888 Casino makes this easy by offering a place for players to upload the required documentation. This can be done close to the time of an initial withdrawal, or sooner depending on the player’s preference. Either way, be sure to comply with that requirement to be paid out without issue.

Enjoy the 888 Casino experience everywhere

Mobile site 888 CasinoThere are several ways to enjoy 888 Casino on mobile devices, all of which enrich the experience of playing their games on the go. The most efficient way to play the games at 888 Casino on mobile is through their iPhone app or Android app. The reason that this is the preferred method to play is the fact that an app is designed specifically for a certain screen or device, whereas the mobile version of the website is not.

What this typically means is that a mobile app has a user interface that is properly zoomed in at all times, with navigation buttons that fit appropriately to the screen that is in use. Meanwhile, the mobile version of a website is often proportionally not a great fit, and requires players to do a lot of zooming and scrolling in order to get to the links that they want to get to without any guarantee of anything being easy to click thanks to the size differences of each button.

Customer service

Customer service is so important, as players need to have their inquiries resolved quickly and easily in order to relieve stress and to allow players to get back to focusing on the games at hand. Unfortunately, this is one of the areas where 888 Casino falls a little short, as they fail to offer their players one of the key pillars to customer service in the online casino age: live chat capability

Live chat really should be mandatory to online casinos to offer at this point, as the ability to get questions answered instantly is so common in the age of the internet. WIthout live chat, players have no way of knowing if their concerns will be addressed in a minute, an hour, or even longer. And with search engines and instant messaging making it so easy for people to communicate in seconds, it’s almost unfathomable that a site wouldn’t have live chat in 2020 for its players.

Instead, 888 Casino relies primarily on the other two main forms of customer service, which are the email and phone routes. These aren’t necessarily bad ways to go, but they just don’t quite carry the same punch as the live chat. In theory, players can still get near-instant support from the phone option, but players who aren’t able to be on the phone at a given time will have to suffer as a result of the lack of an instant and silent help option.

There is also a contact form on the 888 Casino website that lets players get in touch quickly, but the response time from the site isn’t exactly immediate.

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The most important info summarized

Overall, 888 Casino has a lot of good things going for it. Featuring some of their own original games makes up for the lack of staggering quantity of games, with a quality over quantity approach being apparent throughout the site. There is a really professional live casino section to be admired and plenty of payment options that go off of the beaten path, so to speak. Despite not having a live chat function in 2020, this site is definitely one that is worth a player’s time.

Stanley Fisher - Staff
888 Casino is an experienced and reliable sit, a site that I can only recommend.

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