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Alberta to join other provinces in offering iGaming

Roulette table 3The Alberta Province in Canada is to join 8 others in legalizing iGaming and establishing their own iGaming platform. It remains a fact that the provinces in Canada are hugely independent, and therefore can make and enforce laws as they deem fit. They all have the right to decide on the level of regulation to impose on gambling activities, as they feel it would be beneficial to the people and the government of such region. One of the most controversial areas where some regions rejected, while others accepted regulations has been the gambling and internet gaming area. While some regions have accepted and regulated online gambling and other internet gaming activities to the extent that they now parade their own online casino and gambling websites, others have banned such completely, while some others has no tangible legislations about it.

The Alberta case

However, the region of Alberta, which hitherto was not forthcoming about issues concerning the iGaming have taken a bold step. Though the region has kept it under wraps for a very long time with people only muting it around some circles, reliable sources have now confirmed that they are sourcing for a technical partner that will work with them in the bid to develop an online gambling platform.

Now, they’ve not properly legalized online gambling as at the moment. But with the news coming out from the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission, it simply indicates that they will soon do. A look at the content of the bid which they instituted in search of a technical partner reveals that they expect the partner when hired to take up the task of helping them develop both an online and a mobile gambling platform.

How serious are they?

Making the news more authoritative, the CBC news agency was quoted as saying that they have placed a timeline for the interested parties to submit their proposals. The window will be open till 28 February for any interested partner to contact them with their proposal. This makes Alberta the 9th province out of 10, to go open about issues of online gambling. However, even in the 8 where some level of gambling are offered already, they do not offer free hands to all, as the entire gambling market is hugely regulated, even though it has become legal.

Only Saskatchewan is left out

With Alberta making solid moves to join the first 8, Saskatchewan will be the only remaining province that has nothing to offer the people in terms of both lottery and casinos. However, the extent of gambling and iGaming related activities to be offered by Alberta are still unknown. In some of the platforms opened by the 8 regions, while some offer only the basic lottery games, others get involved in an avalanche of online casino gaming activities.

Offshore gambling firms troop into Canada

A closer look reveals that it is in the bid to give the citizens what they want that Alberta is doing all this. In the country, many international online casino firms still consider the market very grey, and that is because while laws do not ban the activity completely in many areas, it is also not explicitly backed by law in those areas too. However, because there is no federal legislation against online gambling in the country, the road is thrown open for many unlawful and unregulated offshore gambling companies to troop into the country’s digital space, and as it is, there is no way the provincial governments can stop citizens from enjoying games in these rogue online casinos.

Even when Quebec tried to achieve some level of protection by blocking access to some of the offshore casino websites, the supreme court of the region ruled against it. So, it simply entails that the only solution to this is to regulate the entire market.

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