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All about the digital gambling expansion in Ontario

Close up of the ace cardThere has been talk of expanding Ontario’s gambling opportunities to online platforms since 2012 when the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) put forth a proposal to modernise lottery and gaming in the region. This proposal followed a strategic business review that took place over the course of the year in 2011. Ever since the lottery was introduced in 1975, it seems that technology has improved tremendously; however, it seems that OLG did not keep up to meet the demands of players who had the need for online gaming products. Not only were they still following the archaic paper-based system, but the lottery and gaming venues were in locations that were rather inconvenient to customers. Now in the year 2019, the government is looking to actively make provision for the further expansion of online gambling to have some sort of positive effect on the community within the area.

Why expand online gambling in Ontario?

There are a number of reasons why expanding online gambling in Ontario might be a good idea. One of the main reasons is that the majority of Ontarians already gamble. The 2012 lottery and gaming model was unsustainable due to factors such as offshore gaming websites. In 2012 OLG contributed just under $2 billion to the Ontario Government to support healthcare and education.

However, Ontarians spend about $500 million a year on offshore gambling websites, with most of the money going to illegal sites. And because there were no government regulated online casinos, revenues paid to government were declining.Continued revenue to the government was at risk if the lottery and gaming industry did not change.

Expanding online gambling would thus allow OLG to improve its contribution to the government significantly. The Ontarian market also showed interest in expanding sales options for lottery and gambling. Expanding Ontario’s gambling opportunities would also lead to 2,300 new industry jobs and 4,000 service sector jobs.

How online gambling expansion will improve lottery and gaming in Ontario

Ontario’s 2019 budget plan not only supports online gambling, but will also enhance the online gaming sector. Online gaming is currently only available to OLG, but the premier wants to open it up to private companies. Plans are also revealed to offer legalized single-sport betting in the future.

The lottery offerings will improve, slot facilities be expanded beyond horseracing racetracks, lottery terminals and gaming sites will be moved closer to customers, and new gaming sites will be conveniently located. New technology and games for lottery terminals will also be developed, benefitting the Ontario government by generating gambling revenue.

OLG’s role in the oversight of lottery and gaming will be redefined. OLG will remain responsible for all decisions related to the operation of lottery and gaming niche and will continue to provide net profit to the government of Ontario. OLG will also oversee private operators and ensure responsible gambling resource centres to mitigate the risk of problem gambling. The decisions to move forward in this light will have a very positive impact on the region and no doubt will bring in tons of revenue and advantages for all parties involved.

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