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BC puts systems in place to protect casino staff from sexual harassment

A roulette ballBeing in the entertainment industry allows us to experience new opportunities and learn new skills; unfortunately, being in environments with large amounts of people, there is always a risk for sexual harassment. In places where people are fueled by excitement and alcohol, people can get into rather difficult and regrettable situations. It is not a bad thing that both excitement and alcohol are common features at casinos, but when they are combined together, it can most certainly result in a very dangerous situation for someone with the wrong type of personality. Several staff members at Richmond’s River Rock Casino were sexually harassed by customers a few years ago and several measures have since been put in place to not only safeguard their employees’ job environments and also to protect them from potentially dangerous situations.

The failure to protect casino employees

In many cases of sexual harassment or assault, it is a difficult crime to convict someone for, as evidence is difficult to obtain for unforeseen reasons such as in the case when victims are too ashamed to report the crime or they lack of tangible evidence. But as it turns out, another problem arose in the beginning of 2017, as several of the staff members reported incidences of sexual harassment to the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, claimed that no action was taken against the people who enacted the criminal offenses.

This very corporation who is responsible for the protection of its employees was later accused of ignoring criminal offenses and the intentional destruction of reports. Unfortunately, the problems didn’t end there; it later came to light that the managers at River Rock Casino forced the staff beneath them to sign non-disclosure agreements and prevented them from reporting this criminal activity.

As such, the Gaming Control Act was put in place to safeguard the employees of any gaming establishment and made it law for any accusations of crimes in gaming establishments to be reported immediately to the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.

It was due to this Act that the Attorney General, David Eby, had to dig into the claims that River Rock Casino was failing to report alleged crimes against casino employees. The first of two in-depth investigations were performed on River Rock Casino and even though they didn’t find any evidence that the staff members had to sign non-disclosure agreements, they did find two separate incidents of sexual assault on casino employees that River Rock never reported.

The second investigation was directed at the casino’s regulatory branch. This also resulted in no evidence towards the claim that the casino had hidden or destroyed criminal reports.

The steps taken to protect casino employees

After these investigations, Eby made sure that extra precautions were put in place to protect any employee at any gaming establishment in Canada.

The three main areas that he focused on were; making sure that all establishments and service providers are not only aware of reportable offenses, but take rapid action against them, all parameters of reporting criminal offenses needed to be clarified and understood by all employees, and all staff that interact closely with gaming patrons need extra training in order to protect themselves.

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate and very dangerous reality that occurs in everyday life. Places that are fueled with money, alcohol and excitement can regrettably attract certain types of dangerous folk.

This means that very strict protocols need to be put into place to make sure that employees of gaming establishments are safeguarded and protected during their working hours. The precautionary measures put in place can help prevent incidents like this in the future. If you want to know more and experience a great online casino, take a look at the following site.