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BCLC to offer GameSense in two new languages

A second poker imageIn an effort to be more inclusive and attract even more players to its platform, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has announced that its proprietary program, GameSense, will now be available in two new languages. Available across the entire province, GameSense will now be available in Cantonese and Mandarin, in addition to English, at pre-selected casinos. The program is available to players, giving them the opportunity to approach advisors who are on-location to get help with any issues they may have with either unhealthy or addictive gambling behavior. The service is free for all players to use at on-site casinos, but before now, it was only available to help players in English. Now, that will change as the BCLC is looking to make sure it can serve its large Asian population as well.

What GameSense is

The BCLC has been at the forefront of not only providing gaming opportunities for players across British Columbia, but also supporting and creating programs around responsible gaming practices. This is how the corporation’s GameSense platform came to be originally.

Through the program, players at in-person casinos are able to approach advisors right then and there for help, which comes in the form of having meaningful conversations about a variety of different problems. These on-site advisors are then able to provide these players with mechanisms to cope so that they can approach gambling in a much healthier perspective mentally. They are also able to adopt a complete stop to their gambling altogether if they feel the need is there.

Ultimately, the goal of the program is to make conversations about responsible gaming normal and not taboo. The BCLC is hoping that the program helps lift the veil of secrecy as well as any stigmas associated with problem gambling so that players aren’t afraid to speak to someone if they feel they have an issue. Try your hand responsibly at the online casino below.

The reason for new languages

If the goal is to help as many people as possible with gambling-related problems, then expanding the program so it’s offered in multiple languages is a great first step. There are more than 60 million people who speak Cantonese and Mandarin in China, and now, those players who either live in British Columbia or visit one of its casinos will have an outlet for responsible gaming help now as well.

Sometimes, a language barrier can be a major hurdle to get over when it comes to reaching out to players who need or want help. Now, the BCLC has eliminated that potentially huge barrier for a large segment of the population. It’s possible that if the need arises, even more languages could be supported in the future.

Where GameSense is available

GameSense will be available in Cantonese and Mandarin at three casinos in British Columbia. The Starlight Casino in New West Minster and the River Rock Casino in Richmond will have advisors who can speak both languages. The new Starlight Casino London will also offer the service once it’s open, but right now, that facility is still in the construction and planning phase.

Responsible gaming is a huge push of the BCLC and other agencies throughout Canada. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a fun experience for players at casinos. To have some fun yourself, check out the online casino below.