The triple 7 casino roll

Big winners abound in Canadian casinos, lottery

The triple 7 casino rollIt’s always news whenever someone wins a big jackpot at a local Canadian casino or at an online casino. But when multiple players win huge jackpots from the same casino in a short amount of time, then that makes even bigger news. That’s exactly what happened this summer at the Treasure Cove Casino in Prince George, British Columbia, when two locals cashed in on the Powerbucks progressive jackpot that the casino offers. While casinos often advertise the huge possibilities that players can win at some of the jackpots they offer, it isn’t often that you hear news of big winnings being given out, especially in such a short amount of time. Maybe Treasure Cove Casino is just an extra lucky place for casino players to win.

The two winners and their prizes

To be eligible to win the Powebucks jackpot at the Treasure Cove Casino, players must wager CA$3 per spin. The first winners this summer to do this were Andy and Marlyne Dumoulin, who in July were eligible for the jackpot of CA$2.1 million.

The second winner at the Treasure Trove Casino was Brittany Hammell. While playing the Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway at the casino on August 20, she landed the huge prize. The jackpot in her case was very close to the maximum prize, making her an instant millionaire.

Hammell’s total jackpot win was CA$1.06 million. When the game originally dinged that she won and showed her how much her total prize was, Hammell said she honestly couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Now that her winnings have sunk in, Hammell said she plans to maybe buy a home and also support her entire family with the money. If you want to be lucky as well, you might have a look at the following site.

Big winners in the lottery, too

Big winners haven’t just been seen at local Canadian casinos, though. In fact, in mid-August, Suzanne Robson must have felt lucky when she won her Lotto 6/49 prize. It’s a regular lottery drawing that takes place in Canada. By matching her four chosen numbers to those pulled, Robson won CA$500,000.

She was eligible for that big windfall of money in the lottery’s Extra draw promotion that it runs. Robson ran to tell her husband about the win when she initially found out. The couple, who is from Whistler, are planning to possibly purchase an RV and maybe even retire early as a result of their big lottery cash prize.

Lotto MAX paying out big in Canada

Each Tuesday, the Canadian lottery runs the Lotto MAX promotion. As of now, the jackpot on that lottery game is a whopping CA $40 million. That’s available for the taking for people who purchase a ticket in advance of the Tuesday drawing.

Another lottery promotion running in Canada is the aforementioned Lotto 6/49, which takes place every Wednesday. Currently, the jackpot on that lottery game is a main prize of CA$7 million. If you feel as lucky as the Robsons, Hammells or Dumoulins, maybe you should try your hand at a Canadian casino slot game or even at the Canadian lottery.

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