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Chilliwack casino undergoing upcoming re-branding, expansion

Casino dealer chipThe Chances Casino Chilliwack is going to be receiving a facelift soon as part of a celebration of the expansion of gaming that will be coming to the casino. Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, the owner and operator of the casino, recently announced they would re-brand the casino as Elements Casino Chilliwack. The idea behind the re-branding is to celebrate and emphasize the extra gaming experiences the casino will be offering in the near future, after it received approval to do so not long ago. Great Canadian Gaming knows that people like diversity when it comes to their casino gaming, and that is what they are hoping to give them at the newly re-branded casino.

Concerns about money laundering

The “new” Chances Casino Chilliwack is set to add up to six new table games with live dealers. This will hopefully bring in more people and a more diverse crowd to the casino than ever before, the company hopes.

This expansion was made possible after the City Council approved the company’s proposal for the added games. Members of the City Council approved the measure in the latter part of August, by a 3-2 vote.

The measure was given only a narrow margin of victory, because locals still have concerns about table games and their link to money laundering. Those who were opposed to the casino’s expansion believe that table games could end up attracting people who were there to commit crimes by laundering money.

On the flip side, representatives of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation said the table games that Elements Casino Chilliwack will offer are not the games that typically attract these types of criminals. Kevin deBruyckere, of the BCLC’s Legal, Compliance and Security Division, said money laundering is more likely to happen with higher-stakes table games such as baccarat, which won’t be offered at the casino.

What’s new at the casino?

Up until this point, the casino was known mostly as a gaming hall, but the addition of table games will help transform it into more of a full-fledged casino. To date, the casino offers approximately 300 slot machines, horse racing through simulcast and bingo.

To start, there will only be six table games with live dealers. The games are expected to be rolled out sometime this fall. It’s expected the table games of choice will be Four Card Poker, Blackjack and Texas Hold ‘em tables.

While there will only be six table games featured at the casino at first, it’s possible that more such games could be added in the future, if all goes well and Great Canadian Gaming Corporation receives the proper approvals.

The re-branding

When the Chances Casino Chilliwack is officially re-branded the Elements Casino Chilliwack, it will become the seventh casino with the Elements name on it. The company is hoping that the familiar name in gaming will help with brand awareness and attract new players to the venue.

In addition to the expanded table game offerings, the venue is set to open an attraction for all ages – The Well Public House. This family-friendly restaurant will open soon to attract more than just a gambling crowd to the venue.

In the end, Great Canadian Gaming is hoping to provide a more well-rounded casino experience to an audience that seeks more and more diversity.

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