Play Crown Jewels online

Crown Jewels LogoIn societies that include some kind of monarchy or royal family, the crown jewels are the most prized possession in the entirety of that civilization. Often beautiful to look at and passed down from royal generation to royal generation, these jewels were put into fancy jewelry that was fit for royalty. And while there aren’t actual crown jewels up for grabs, there is the potential to win enough to buy some crown jewels of your own in the Crown Jewels online slot game. This five-reel game features plenty of shiny objects that can pay out handsomely depending on the combinations that appear over the course of the game, all without the need to obtain and sell crown jewels of your own. And in this day and age of modern displays and great graphics, players won’t be disappointed in the way that the jewels in this game look. In this review, find out how the casino game works, and everything you need to know to give yourself the best chance to win your own royal payout.

Crown Jewels symbols

As one would expect, the Crown Jewels game features a plethora of different colored jewel symbols, which gleam brightly throughout. Here is a list of the symbols that players can expect when they take on this game for themselves.

  • Crown Jewels logo – wild symbol
  • Jewel symbols

Crown Jewels Ingame

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Wild crown jewels

The Crown Jewels logo serving as the wild symbol for this game isn’t particularly creative, but it gets the job done. The wild symbol in this game is vital, as it has the ability to transform into any of the jewel symbols on the board. Lining up five of these symbols also serve to create the richest winning combination in the game. And with cascading wins in this game, the more winning combinations the wilds create, the more potential for additional cascading combos.

Very few gimmicks

Aside from the wilds and the cascading wins feature in this game, there aren’t any other features that serve to make this game overly complicated. The cascading wins feature is nice in that a winning spin can turn into something even bigger depending on what symbols fall from above. But there are no scatter symbols or bonus rounds to be had in this game, which offers a nice and simple experience that can be enjoyed by slot newbies or experienced players who don’t want all of the complications of modern slots.

Crown Jewels tips and tricks

Players should give Crown Jewels a chance in a risk free environment before they start playing it for cash. To play the slot for free allows players to determine if they like the straightforward nature of this game before they get too heavily invested in it, which is worth investigating. Players should also look to get accustomed to the cascading wins feature to see how it can benefit them in their early stages with the game.

Crown Jewels summary

Crown Jewels is a game that proves that slots don’t need to be too complicated to still be fun. With just a couple of modern slot features, this game can feel more like an old-school fruit machine than a current slot game. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as players should be able to have a good time with this one.