Play Dazzling Diamonds online

Dazzling Diamonds LogoWho doesn’t love diamonds? They’re a woman’s best friend, as the saying goes, but they are also very attractive to men as well. In the Dazzling Diamonds online slot game, that’s especially true. This slot game may be pretty basic in its appearance, but it’s still a lot of fun to play. Plus, it has a lot of opportunities to earn huge winning combinations. There are only 10 paylines in Dazzling Diamonds, which is a lot less than some other online slot games, but the game does throw a wrench in to gameplay. Unlike most slot games, you do not have to match symbols from left to right in order to win. Instead, all you have to do is match at least three symbols within any of the five reels in one of your paylines, and you’ll win a prize. The gameplay has bright jewels that fall either individually or in stacks, which then makes the potential payouts even larger. It may be disappointing to more experienced players, though, that there are no wilds, bonus games or Free Spin games. Let’s take a closer look at this game.

Dazzling Diamonds symbols

The Dazzling Diamonds game has a combination of lower-paying symbols as well as higher-paying symbols. These include:
• Red ruby
• Blue stone
• Bundles of money
• Green emerald
• Purple stone
• Ring with precious stone
• White diamond (the highest-value symbol)

Dazzling Diamonds Ingame

Dazzling Diamonds is a very fun game to play. If you want to try your hand at other slot games, check out the online casino below.

No wilds

The Dazzling Diamonds game doesn’t have any wild symbols. As mentioned, this is a pretty simple and straightforward game, so this isn’t wholly a surprise. What will give you the largest payout in the game is if you can land five diamonds in a row. That winning combination would net you a payout of 500 times your bet!

Gold watch is the scatter

The gold watch symbol serves as the scatter in the Dazzling Diamonds slot game. If you are able to land three or more of the scatter symbols on any of the reels, then you could end up winning up to 500 times your bet.

Dazzling Diamonds tips and tricks

One of the best ways to get familiar with any new slot game is to try it out for free before risking your own real money. Find an online casino that will allow you to try the Dazzling Diamonds game out for free first. This way, you can familiar yourself with all the symbols, as well as how the wild symbols and scatter symbols lead to bigger wins and free bonus spins. Once you are completely comfortable and decide you like the game, then you can begin to risk real money.

Dazzling Diamonds overall summary

Dazzling Diamonds is a rather simple and straightforward online slot game. There are only 10 total paylines, which is a heck of a lot less than some other online slot games out there. There are also no bonus games or Free Spin games, which can be a little disappointing to players looking to land large payouts. Still, the game does keep the interest of players by switching up the gameplay. You don’t have to match symbols from left to right to win. Instead, you can match any three symbols on any reels to get a winning combination.