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Gateway casinos and entertainment to set up shop in North Bay

A second poker imageNorth Bay is west of Montreal and is located in Ontario and is a relatively small area located in the North Western regions of Canada. North Bay is not the biggest of cities around compared to others and has been marked for the development of a new casino in the area. According to the locals in North Bay, this project was to be kept a secret because of the potential local ramifications, however, it’s said that this is one of the worst secrets that the area has ever tried to keep. A company representative says that the building of this casino will accommodate more than 200 local jobs and boost the income within the area. The building of this casino will result in many other potential job opportunities for the surrounding community.

The effects that a casino will bring to the North Bay area

Right off Highway 11, adjacent to the Nipissing Junction, a piece of land measuring 7.3 acres has been cordoned off for the development of the new Gateway casino in North Bay. The region is not small, having over 50000 inhabitants, but it is not the biggest by any stretch of the imagination, and yet Gateway has decided to open up one of their new casinos in this specific area. Gateway plans to start construction on this project as soon as plans are approved within the next year.

The casino will boast both table games and slots and potentially bring in a large amount of revenue for the area and thereby help boost the economy. According to Mayor Al McDonald, the introduction of this casino will boost the economy by means of additional income and the production of new jobs for people in the community. This casino will cost over $30 million and will take several months, if not years, to build and this will produce more jobs in the community and will increase the income of many families. The introduction of this project will have many spin-off jobs and will enable many more people from the community to have an extra income.

Gateway casinos have more than 12 facilities in different locations in the US and Canada alone, and have more than 3000 employees. Gateway is a very lucrative enterprise which has created significantly more jobs in Northern America and Canada than when compared to other casino enterprises. Deciding to develop a new casino in North Bay may seem like a risky idea, but due to the popular location and frequent visits to the area, it makes sense for Gateway to open a casino in this region.

Ultimately, the approval and development of this casino will change the area of North Bay for the long run. It may not increase the population approximation of the area, but it will most certainly bring in extra revenue. There may be some traditionalists who are adverse to the idea of building a casino in their area, but many, including the mayor, are more than happy with the idea. They know that the building of this casino and its operations will make for a very lucrative business and enable a number of the locals to be employed. If you want to know more and experience a great online casino, take a look at the following site.