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The image shows a sign that the Jackpot has been hitA high roller in gambling terms is simply someone who wagers large amounts of money and such a person is also known in gambling cycles as a whale. These people are very popular at high roller casinos and therefore the casino will provide them with extensive benefits which is known as comps. This might cost the casino a considerable amount of money but they know that such high rollers will spend so much money during their stay that the casino is certain to show a healthy profit. Only a small percentage will become one eventually. But what does the path look like? The following article takes you through the steps. But first, you will see a table with high roller casino sites and attractive promotions.

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The small Bob Casino logo 96%
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  • Loyalty club
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The Betchan logo_2 94%
  • Huge Jackpot games
  • Live Casino
  • Bitcoin games
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The Spin Casino logo in 150x38 pixel 92%
  • Huge game selection
  • Fast payments
  • 24/7 support
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The small Karamba logo_1 90%
  • Funny games
  • Great support
  • Reliabe site
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The small Jackpot City logo 89%
  • Huge promtions
  • Many mobile games
  • Great usability
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Image that shows the 888Casino logo 88%
  • Reliable provider
  • Award winning site
  • Fun games
Apple and Android icons C$140 888 Casino review Play now!
The small Leovegas logo 86%
  • Award winning site
  • Great mobile experience
  • Top games
Apple and Android icons C$1000 Leo Vegas Casino review Play now!
The third Playojo logo 86%
  • Entertaing games
  • Many promotions
  • Loyalty club
Apple and Android icons 100% PlayOJO Casino review Play now!

How can you become such player?

The comps may include things such as the use of private jets and even limousines will be made available and they will have access to the best suits in that high roller casino. These high rollers will also receive extensive credit from that casino and these people are considered to be so valuable that any casino employee who is successful in luring such a high roller to that casino will receive a very large bonus.

Gambling sites calculate comps and also gamblers status theoretically and they are not merely looking at losses incurred which simply means that the more a gambler play the better will be their reputation in that casino. This will require such gambler to place large bets and this should be done frequently if you want to establish yourself as a high roller.

However to join the ranks of the elite whales a gambler will have to increase their casino credit to approximately 4 to 5 million dollar. In order to be noticed by the casino management, the gambler will have to wager big amounts of money in the region of hundred thousand dollars per bet. A gambler who frequently place bets of this size will have joined the big leagues where the well-known billionaires operate.

Some of these high rollers will not hesitate to place bets in excess of $300,000. In fact there are reports which some of these high rollers have lost as much as $20 million in a single weekend, however there is also the other site where people win huge amounts of money, as the following image shows.

High roller casino imageNo one can simply decide all by themselves to become a high roller because you will require an invitation to gain access to the high rollers room. This is not likely to happen unless you have established a reputation with that high rollers casino based on your past gambling experience and this can lead to a situation where you could be invited to play with other high rollers which naturally can provide you with extensive benefits.

One of the primary high rollers games is Baccarat which is well known as one of the richest games in the no limit casino industry. Baccarat is frequently played in high rollers rooms where very often there will be no limits to wager very large amounts of cash.

Very few gamblers percentagewise ever progress to the rank of high roller or even had such huge withdrawal and therefore no one has to feel inferior if they are not known as high rollers. Genuine high rollers are in fact a very rare group but according to the professionals there are still much which can be gained when you play in such a way that you begin to establish a reputation as a big spending gambler.

Best high roller casino sites

There are quite a few casinos who have gained a reputation as high roller casinos and they are: Playamo, Ruby Fortune, BetVictor Casino, BetVictor Casino, Slots Magic Casino, Casino.com Guts Casino, William Hill Casino, Energy Casino, Royal Vegas Casino, Club World Casino, Miami Club Casino and Jackpot City Casino.

Playamo is a popular site among high rollers

Chances of becoming such player

When looking at the overall picture, statistics indicate that high rollers have a relatively low level impact on the overall casino action. Most of the money which is generated from gambling comes out of the pockets of lower and middle class gamblers and they are the ones who are the bread and butter of any casino. This does not mean that high rollers will not make an appearance from time to time, because they certainly will but according to the experts they are in the minority.

In fact at most no limit casinos all over the planet, more than 50% of the casino income is generated at the slot machines and therefore although high rollers can provide a measure of excitement to the overall casino experience, they are by no means the primary source of income for the casino. This information should clearly indicate to people who are dreaming of becoming high rollers how difficult it maybe to achieve that objective, however with the necessary financial backup and planning, becoming a high roller is certainly not impossible, even at the top rated gambling sites.

Imagine a person who has lost over $200 million over a period of five years and who was eventually sued when he neglected to pay those debts. Therefore without significant financial resources and also a high standard of financial acumen, becoming a genuine high roller is simply not a very sound idea.

The 300x60 pixel Playamo logo


Best games for these players

High roller programs can reward players for the games that they play. But which games are the best for a high roller can often vary based on which site is being used and what the rewards are for choosing a specific game at each site. No matter where you play, finding out which games are the best for high rollers is a huge key to taking full advantage of a loyalty program.

Two games that are suited for high rollers

Slots games are often the best for a high roller program member to choose. Given the nature of slots, they are typically rewarded at the highest level, as players have the opportunity to rack up big time rewards by piling up spins in the games that are the fastest to play through. Of course, if you are not a fan of slots, there are plenty of other options as a high roller.

Chief among those other options is blackjack, which is a game that can also result in a high number of hands in a short time. That high number of hands can lead to a high number of dollars risked, which can lead to big rewards for the player. If your loyalty program rewards table games at a high rate, blackjack might be a great option.

Information about loyalty programs

When it comes to casino gaming, everyone wants to be a high roller. This often comes with the connotation of high stakes and the potential for big wins. In the online casino world, though, this usually means being a member of a VIP or loyalty program, which can make the online casino experience a more positive one, for example these programs.

Loyalty program
Is available
Bob Casino
Bob Casino offers a loyalty program
Players have the possibility to join such program
Spin Casino
Is not available
Karamba offers a great loyalty program
Jackpot City
Doesn`t offer a loyalty program
Not available
This site has a great loyalty program
Is available

VIP or loyalty programs are programs where a player can either opt in or be automatically enrolled depending on the casino. Once enrolled, the player can earn perks for wagering in the casino. These perks can range from reimbursement on casino losses, to prizes, and other experiences that can make playing at a specific casino more enticing than playing at a casino that does not offer the same rewards.

To become a VIP or high roller, there are two main methods. The first is to use a casino that requires you to opt into the benefits of a loyalty program. The second method is to use a site that automatically opts players into the program. If you are playing the casino games anyway, it usually can’t hurt to have a chance to bring in the rewards associated with these programs, but just how beneficial it is depends on your tendencies as a player.

Are there any advantages or risks?

Being a high roller player at a casino has the potential to offer many benefits to a player. Some of these perks are what you would expect from an online casino, whereas others have the potential to be far beyond the common roster of benefits. The most common type of casino perk is the cash back benefit. This often comes in the form of a percentage reimbursement of casino losses of a pre-determined period of time. For example, a loyalty program may offer a player a 10% reimbursement of net casino losses over the course of a week.

Players might also receive free spins for being a loyalty member, with those free spins offering the chance to win money that they wouldn’t have had without those spins being credited to their accounts. There are more exotic benefits to being a high roller in some cases, which include free trips or swag from the casino. These benefits go far beyond the cash that some sites offer their players, and can turn loyalty to a casino into actual, tangible experiences that make picking one casino over another truly worthwhile. These are just a handful of the loyalty perks that are available to players, with each site having their own list of available options. Figuring out which program is right for you can go a long way toward picking a casino site.

Being a member of a high roller or VIP program is often a positive experience, but there is the potential for the experience to be something other than positive depending on the way a player uses their funds. That downside is the potential for players to overspend their budget, attempting to reach loyalty milestones instead of sticking to a financial schedule that works for them.

There are plenty of casinos that display their loyalty criteria ahead of time, showing players what they need to spend to get into each tier of the program. As a result, some players may spend more on casino games than they would have otherwise, resulting in those players negatively impacting their finances both in the casino and in their actual day-to-day lives.

The appeal of getting to another loyalty tier and reaping those benefits is understandable, but all players should remember that casino wagering should be done in moderation with done with respect to a player’s budget. Because getting to a specific loyalty tier is great, but doing so at the expense of one’s actual finances is anything but great. There are plenty of resources in Canada to prevent this type of overspending, which is the major downside to being a high roller.

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Short conclusion

Reputation, respect and honor is something which is craved by some people. They simply have to be the best at everything they do, but when this is not probably balanced with intelligent planning, discipline and control, living the lives of a high roller can backfire very spectacularly. In fact the list of genuine high rollers contain the names of approximately 500 professional gamblers, these are people who remain active as high rollers and who have been around for a long time and who are continuing to entertain the spectators at high roller casinos. For more information about great online casinos in Canada, click the following link for more information.

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