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Karamba Casino review 2019

(Updated on: 12/07/2019)
Ay Caramba is a Spanish phrase that is used to express surprise or dismay about a situation. Fortunately for online casino players, they won’t want to say that when they start playing at Karamba Casino, which offers a strong series of casino gaming action and perks for players throughout their time on the site. With a tropical bird as the site’s mascot, the vibe of the site is relaxed, to foster an enjoyable experience. In this review of Karamba Casino, find out everything there is to know about the site to be able to jump into playing at the site.

Live casino and slot games

Having a wide array of online slot and table games to choose from is the difference between a good casino site and a great casino site. Fortunately for players at Karamba, there are plenty of games to choose from thanks to a large roster of game providers that make things interesting from start to finish. With plenty of slots to choose from, table games, and live casino games to take part in, this is one of the site’s biggest strengths.

Karamba boasts over 200 games to choose from on its site. This isn’t a massive number, but it is definitely enough to keep things exciting throughout a player’s time on the site as they can go from game to game without having to worry about running out of titles to choose from any time soon. Slots make up the majority of the games that are available, as is to be expected from any casino. And Karamba offers a variety that goes from classic three-reel games to more sophisticated five-reel efforts and more commonly-themed games like Stardust to pop culture themed games like games themed around Elvis.

The table games at Karamba are strong relative to other sites thanks to the fact that they go beyond the beaten path of just blackjack and roulette. There are plenty of variations of those two casino mainstays, of course, but there are plenty of other games to choose from. Examples include Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and 3-Card Solitaire.

As for the live casino section of the site, there are fewer options in terms of the number of games to choose from. That makes sense given that live casino games require an actual live dealer to play against. In the case of Karamba Casino, players can count on there being plenty of blackjack games to choose from as well as some roulette action. Outside of that, what is available depends largely on chance, ironically enough.

The live casino presentation itself is pretty sleek and allows players the opportunity to take on an actual live person in the game of their choosing. The dealers present the games well and the user interface in these games makes sure that players are moving the game along without being too intrusive on the aesthetic of being in the live casino. Overall, this is an asset despite the lack of too many games to pick from.

Also fun is the fact that there is a scratchcard section of Karamba Casino, as well as a sportsbook. Scratchcards are becoming increasingly popular at online casinos, as they replicate the physical cards that players can get at gas stations. And with sports betting only becoming a bigger industry every year, players are also free to express their fandom and test their sports knowledge there as well.

Comforting about their casino games is the fact that Karamba touts that it is a firm believer in fair play right on the site, with a section of the site dedicated to some of the ways that it makes sure everything is on the up and up. The most prominent way is the use of RNGs, or Random Number Generators, in their games to ensure that the outcome of every spin or hand is truly random.

A closer look at the promotions

The bottom line in the current online casino landscape is that a site needs to have a quality promo or two to compete with other sites that are surely offering something to play at those sites. Whether this comes in the form of a bonus code, a no deposit bonus, or something else is less important than the presence of something interesting for players. And Karamba understands that by putting some compelling bonus codes for 2019 into their site.

Free spins

max. Bonus

What promo codes are available at Karamba can change, but there is at least a new player bonus typically available to players who are just getting started with the site. Such a bonus usually consists of a bonus on a player’s first deposit with the site, free spins, or some combination of the two. The free spins are a great added value to a deposit bonus, as players can increase their bankroll with the bonus and give themselves the chance to win without having to risk any of that bankroll right off the bat.

The site also offers a loyalty club that rewards players for continuing to play at Karamba Casino. New members are put into the lowest level of this loyalty program, and can climb their way up the various tiers by continuing to play at the casino over periods of time. Naturally, with each level that is eclipsed, the better perks and rewards that a player stands to see from Karamba. Of course, this shouldn’t stop players from playing within their means, but as long as players are playing responsibly there are definite incentives to taking advantage of the loyalty program.

Included in that list of incentives are free spins, bonuses on special occasions such as birthdays, special VIP-only tournaments, and cash back depending on what level of the program a player is on. These perks aren’t too lucrative, but can add up over time to increase the value of the relationship with Karamba if you were already going to be heavily involved with the site.

Software and security aspects

Given that information security is more important now than it has ever been, players being able to rely on the security of their casino site is crucial. With data breaches appearing in the news on a regular basis around the world, including in Canada, any casino that wants to be looked at as a legitimate option needs to make sure that they can provide that security to all players. Karamba does this admirably, which is a positive for all involved parties.

As a product of being licensed in several countries for operation, Karamba has to make sure that their payment processing software is secure like any other e-commerce venture would. That way players don’t risk having their information stolen when they login and make a deposit. These security steps have helped Karamba build a positive reputation in the online casino industry.

The approach to security provides convenience to bettors on the site, as does the approach to software at Karamba Casino. There isn’t any software to be downloaded on the site, as the action is to be had on the site itself throughout. This no download casino approach is a lot easier than having to download software, tying up memory on a computer to play games that could just be played online instead. Although some might like the stability of having downloaded software to protect against internet service disruptions, this isn’t a concern that rears its head frequently.

Payment methods – Which methods can you use?

Players at Karamba Casino should be able to look forward to enough payment methods to keep them satisfied throughout their time with the site. With Karamba being a site that is used throughout the world, Canadians can be confident that there should be a payment method that works for each individual player. Of course, it is imperative to test the site by checking the available methods to make sure they meet your needs before signing up.

In terms of deposit options, players can expect that there are credit and debit card options available from Visa and MasterCard, as well as popular e-wallet options like Skrill and Neteller. Depending on what else is available to each player, there is also the possibility to perform bank transfers to move funds straight from a bank account into a casino account for added convenience. Deposits at Karamba are usually instant, which is great for players who want to get started right away.

For those who want to make a withdrawal using Karamba Casino, most of the same methods are available. The difference is that it usually takes longer for players to get their money than it takes for them to deposit it. It usually takes about a week for a withdrawal to be finalized, which isn’t bad, but is something to be aware of ahead of time.

Entertaining mobile casino

The mobile site of the well known Karamba casinoSo much of the online casino industry is going mobile, and Karamba has done a nice job of getting ahead of the curve by offering actual mobile apps on both iTunes and Android APK devices. While many casino sites are simply offering players the ability to play at a mobile–friendly version of their website, Karamba goes all the way with their emphasis on mobile to give players a dedicated hub for all of their action that won’t be subject to browser crashes or other issues suffered from playing on mobile browsers.

The app itself looks solid, as it features the same blue and purple motif that the desktop version of the site uses. It’s easy on the eyes thanks to those cool colors, and the bird mascot that features throughout the desktop site is still around on mobile as well. Navigation is straightforward on the app as well, similar to the way it is set up on desktop where big buttons to go to each game genre make it simple to get from one place to the other with minimal scrolling and tapping to bog players down.

Customer service is available 24 hours per day

There are usually three main ways that casino players can get in touch with a site to make sure that they can get their questions answered in ways that work for them. Those three core pillars of customer service are live chat, phone, and email support. Live chat tends to be the most expedient way to get answers, but some players prefer phone and email and need to be accommodated as well. At Karamba Casino, players can look forward to getting all three of those options, as the site offers each option to meet the needs of most.

The support team for Karamba isn’t available 24 hours per day, which is the one strike against the customer service on this particular site. There are also time zone considerations to be had, as their customer service operates on the clock in Europe, which could mean that Canadians need to shift when they attempt to get in touch with them.

Also of note for Canadian players is the fact that the site lists a European phone number for customer support. Depending on the phone plan that a casino player has, it could be costly if they were to reach out to Karamba via that method. Instead, live chat or email could work best for Canadians if they want to get an answer that won’t run the risk of costing them an arm and a leg.

The Karamba casino logo in 300x60,


The conclusion

Karamba Casino is definitely onto something with what they are offering their players at this time. They have promotions for both new players and for more experienced players through their new player bonus and VIP program. There are plenty of games to choose from that will appeal to both slot players and players who are interested in table games and live casino action. And given their status as a trusted casino brand around the world, there are tons of payment options and a complete suite of customer service choices to be made. All of this proves that players at Karamba Casino won’t be saying “ay caramba” out of disdain when they use this casino.

Stanley Fisher - Staff
Karamba Casino offers a modern way of entertainment with great games and many promotions.

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