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Leaders in Danville support Virginia Casino legislation

This image shows the triple 7The report is that the city council for Danville will be ready to throw their weight behind the resolution to embark on the regulation of casinos, which the southern states general assembly is bringing forward. The WSLS-TV area televisions broadcaster on Friday 29th December said that the lawmakers in Richmond are ready to support this measure which will give the right to establish casinos to towns and cities in the state. However, their right to run such casinos for commercial purposes will only be determined by the people in the towns or cities, through a properly conducted referendum.

What Danville intends to do

This small town is situated just towards the southern border of Virginia and North Carolina. The community is made up of just above 43,000 people, and reports coming out from there shows that they are among the first area cities that if given the chance, will be the first to host a commercial casino in the state. The news is that the Danville area city is planning to liaise with the United Company as a technical partner in developing and erecting a very huge venue for gambling. They intend to have a hotel and lots of restaurants in the place, and top it up with entertainment centers and convention halls.

What it will do to the economy

To buttress the need for this and the reason why the lawmakers will vote in support of it, the mayor of the independent city of Danville told the WSLS-TV, that the immediate positive effect of constructing a casino in the city would be the creation of more than 182 jobs in the locality. For him also, the community will make more than $118.7 million financial gains from the venture.

According to him, the project will around 2022 when it must have grown to an extent generate up to 2,534 direct and indirect jobs, a figure which will rise to up to 6,834 in six years. They are still gathering information about the gains that will come from what he described as a massive investment. But for now, they are sure that an unprecedented number of jobs will be gained from the casinos once it is established.

The economic gains

To buttress the good things that will come from this venture, the WSLS-TV reporters try to explain the results of a study which the Chmura Economics and Analytics carried out. They revealed that if the city of Danville gets a casino within its shores, they could be smiling with revenue of up to $384.8 million by 2022. In terms of taxes, it could generate up to $12.1 million every year.

Jones continued by pointing out that the general assembly are the people equipped by law to make the decision, after which the citizens of the city will now go to the pools in a referendum. When they go out to vote, they will be simply making a stronger case for the law, and with it, the various committees will now look into it.

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