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LeoVegas test 2019 – The review

(Updated on: 12/07/2019)
Vegas is widely considered to be the wagering capital of the world, with all of the casinos and bright lights making it one of the world’s great gambling destinations. That means that any casino site that puts Vegas in their name has a lot to live up to if they are going to be a destination in the online casino community. LeoVegas attempts to live up to that standard, as their site with a lion mascot looks to help the site roar among the rest of their competition.

With plenty of games to choose from and promotions for various levels of player, this is a site that is definitely worth keeping an eye on. In this review of LeoVegas, find out all there is to know about the site to be ready once it is time to play.

Live casino and slot games

The availability of a large number of slot and table games are essential to the success of any online casino. Too few games and a casino can get boring in a hurry for players, while more games can mean more variety and more time spent being entertained by the site. LeoVegas understands that, and offers over 1,000 casino games to choose from across the slot and table genres to give players as much entertainment options as possible.

Slots along make up over 1,000 games at LeoVegas, which is an incredible number of games to choose from. These games have RTP values that range from 92% to 99%, with players able to look at each game on a case-by-case basis to find the games that pay out more on average. RTP amounts illustrate the payout to players over an extended sample size, and don’t apply to every single slot session, but the higher the value the more that will be paid out in that game in the long run.

Among the slot games that exist at LeoVegas are jackpot slot games like Top Cat and Lion Festival. Then there are more traditional slot offerings, including the standard three-reel and five-reel games that don’t feature jackpots. It really is impossible to get bored playing slots at this site, as there are just too many games for things to get monotonous.

At the tables there are dozens of games to choose from, although most of those games are variations on blackjack and roulette. There are some other fun games like baccarat and Texas hold ‘em, but the star of the table game section are definitely the two most ubiquitous games in any casino’s table game selection.

And there are more than just regular table games up for grabs at LeoVegas. This is also a situation where blackjack and roulette are the majority of the available games. There are occasionally other games up for grabs such as the dream catcher wheel where big prizes are up for grabs. But the live casino section isn’t overly compelling due to the lack of consistent game variety.

Information about the various promotions

Promotions are so important for a casino, as they give a site a competitive advantage over the rest of the sites out there. A site that is generous with its promotions is usually more popular than one that is stingy, and LeoVegas does a nice job of taking that to heart with a series of promotions that include a VIP program, welcome bonus, and no deposit promo that help players get value out of the site from the beginning of their time with it and beyond.

First Deposit Bonus

max. Bonus

The sign up bonus at LeoVegas generally comes in the form of a bonus on top of a player’s first deposits. This is normally a percentage of those deposits during the promotional period, rather than a flat dollar amount. Canadian players will be happy to know that they don’t have to enter a promo code in order to access these bonuses, with the ability to claim a bonus living in the My Offers section of the site rather than having to enter a code.

The site also offers players chances to play in tournaments like blackjack and slot tournaments to keep things interesting, with big prizes up for grabs in the process. There is also a sportsbook available at the site, allowing bettors to test their knowledge of sports while adding another item to the list of betting options on LeoVegas.

The site has an eye for software and security

As far as software is concerned, LeoVegas is incredibly straightforward with allowing players to get started right away without having to worry about anything like downloads to slow down the process. The site is built in a responsive design that can grow or shrink to the size of the screen being used, with mobile devices needing a more narrow version of the site than desktops. But there is no software to download in either case, as players are just able to login and enjoy the site as they please without any headaches or delays.

There is a concern about internet problems in a no download casino, as the internet going out would force a player to wait to play their favorite casino games. But as long as a player has internet or cellular access, they should be able to play faster without having to download any applications.

Once those players are on the site, they can rest easily knowing that the security measures in place at LeoVegas are second to none. Being licensed in many different countries means that LeoVegas has to comply with the rules of each of those countries. And any country’s gambling regulations require secure payment processing to make sure that nobody has their personal information stolen. Therefore, players at LeoVegas should know ahead of time that the payment processing platform on the site is as secure as it gets.

Information about the payment methods

Payment methods aren’t the most exciting thing to talk about when reviewing online casinos, as there are only so many ways that players can fund their accounts and withdraw funds. But just like a house is no good without a foundation, a casino site is no good without a suite of payment options for players to choose from. In the case of LeoVegas, players should be able to feel confident that there is going to be a payment option that will work for them.

Bettors at LeoVegas can make deposits worth as little as 10 Canadian dollars, and can do so using all of the payment methods that one would expect in the industry at this point. Those methods include credit and debit cards from Visa and MasterCard, along with popular e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. Players who want to transfer funds into their account straight from their bank accounts can arrange that with the bank transfer option.

Withdrawals tend to take a bit longer than deposits at LeoVegas, with most deposits happening instantly while withdrawals can take around a week. The key with withdrawals on this site is making sure your identity is confirmed before submitting to withdraw your funds. Failure to do this will make you ineligible to withdraw, which is a killer when you are hoping to get your funds on a quick turnaround.

Before signing up for an account at LeoVegas, it doesn’t hurt to figure out whether or not the financial requirements of the site work for you as an individual. But there is no reason to believe that they won’t given how many choices exist.

The mobile casino has a high quality

The mobile site of LeoVegasMobile players have so many options for casino gaming these days, which is why casino sites need to give everyone plenty of options to appeal to everyone. This is one of the things that LeoVegas does best, as the site has so many different choices for players who want to get their casino action in on the go. They can either use the www.leovegas.com mobile site to get to their favorite games, or they can use a mobile app such as the site’s iPhone app to get to playing.

Apps are often easier to navigate than a mobile version of a website, for the simple reason that each screen is tested and sized appropriately for whatever device the app is being used on. While the mobile version of the LeoVegas site might not be sized properly at all times, forcing players to waste time zooming in and out, the mobile apps for iPhone and Android are already scaled to perfection. This might not seem like a big deal, but it could save major time in the long run.

As for the quality of the mobile gaming at LeoVegas, players shouldn’t worry about that one bit. With so many games to choose from, there is bound to be at least one that makes sense for each player’s preferences no matter what device they choose to play on.

Many comfortable ways to contact the customer service

Getting help from an online casino should be easy. After all, there is often real money being played with during the course of each player’s casino session. Fortunately, LeoVegas is aware of that and has set up a help system that attempts to address the concerns of as many people as possible throughout each day. The site offers live chat, email, and phone support. But the real star of the show is the FAQ section on the site that takes customer support to the next level.

The FAQs at LeoVegas are organized extremely well. Players can look for the overarching topic that they want to find out more about, such as payouts or rules. From there, all they have to do is pick their question and read more about what they are interested in. This helps players address their concerns instantly without having to resort to reaching out to anyone.

Should a player decide that they want to get in touch with someone from the site, they are welcome to do that as well. LeoVegas boasts about having customer service that is open and available to players 24 hours per day, which is a huge boost for those who want to play their casino games at hours that aren’t considered traditional. The live chat option is the star of the show here, as all of the inquiries that players have can be answered almost instantly on the live chat.

Phone support is available, but there is something to pay attention to there, with that something being the potential for expensive phone calls given the geography of the situation. Canadian players would have to pay exorbitant international calling rates to call a site that is based out of Europe. Given all of the other options available to players to have their problems solved, there just seems to be better ways to get what they want.

Of course, there is also the option to email customer support. While this might go better for Canadians than would making a phone call to Europe, this can still be a frustrating experience to be sure. However, if something is not an emergency and can be handled over the internet, it might not be a bad idea to get it any inquiries that come up in writing to have a record of any answers provided by both parties.

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LeoVegas offers a great experience

It’s no secret that most of the reviews of the LeoVegas casino are positive ones, with the variety of games that are available on the site being the main reason why. If you are someone who likes slots, you will love the site, whereas players of table games will have fun despite there not being the thousand-plus games that slot players are able to take part in. The site is secure and is clearly a trusted brand in the industry given the fact that there are so many countries in which it is licensed. The fact that there is customer support available 24 hours per day is another huge benefit, as new players looking for a reliable casino should love LeoVegas, while experienced players looking for variety should enjoy it as well.

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The LeoVegas Casino is an Award winning site and provides many great features, such as entertainig games and userfriendly apps.

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