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Loto Quebec on a hunt for online gaming streamers

85 Canadian DollarThe notion that we live in a digital era has not evaded the attention of most, especially companies and organizations who seek to get their seat at the digital table. More and more organizations are turning their attention to digital media and content as a way to gauge the success of their marketing strategies and initiatives. Some companies are also looking for ways to utilize the success of digital media and content consumption to help push their brands and products. This is especially true for online gaming platforms as well as computer game designing brands who wish for total world domination and to get everyone “hooked” on to their latest game release or to anticipate a future release. The fact the social media and digital media platforms have been proven to be the source of all or most information for consumers, especially those in the millennial or younger generations, makes these determinations valid.

The enlightened matter of fact

The simple truth is, a very small portion of the population turns on a television to see adverts anymore because the way media and content is consumed has been totally digitized. Most consumers acknowledge that a great number of new products and brands is introduced to them through “social influencers”, those individuals on various digital media platforms reviewing new games, or clothing websites through a clothing haul or new tech through an “unboxing”.

Consumers seek out trusted “streamers” to get their opinion on the latest brands and products. These digital streamers are just one type in a slew of various social media and digital media influencers. These are the people who have the ear of the people and their followers and as such have massive, almost “Oprah Winfrey” levels of influence with their follower base.

Gaming Influencer’s specifically give their followers real-time live content which allows for trust and loyalty relationships to be built over time.Making the use of digital platforms such as YouTube and Patreon as well as streaming sites such as Twitch to get access to their audience.

Loto Quebec wants a seat at the table

Loto Quebec, which is the Canadian crown corporation authorized to manage the lottery schemes and state casino business operation of Quebec province, Canada is one of the organizations that have spotted a way to access the market influenced by “gaming streamers”. The organization seeks to encourage further digital content creation from Canadian streamers while at the same time having access to their follower base.

The lottery organization as launched the La Face des Internets competition, which allows for streamers and digital content creators to sign up for their training and development program. During the contest the six “streamers” who outperform the rest will have the opportunity to enter the Loto Quebec Twitch squad and a full time “streaming influencer”.

Essentially these individuals get to be paid for doing what they love, while at the same time using their platforms to further the growth and attention to Loto Quebec. Although this is a strategic business move on Loto Quebec’s front, it is still an important initiative as it brings digital content and creation to the forefront of possible future job and career prospects.

The winners of the contest will be announced in a ceremony hosted at the Casino de Montreal on May 19th. The esports and iGaming industries are booming and advancing and it only makes sense for organizations to want to capitalize on the expertise provided by the market. Loto Quebec’s hunt for these expertise may spark an uprising or at least a curiosity in the way digital media can influence product consumption. If you now want to enjoy a great gambling experience, have a look at this site.