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Messmer-Ford Casino bill scales through in senate

Another justice statueThe casino relocation bill which may provide license for casinos in Terre Haute has been approved by the state senate. In the senate bill which was sponsored by the duo of Mark Messmer, R-Jasper, and Jon Ford, R-Terre Haute, a casino license is expected to be offered to the Terre Haute area. Also, bettors that register with the websites are now allowed to engage in gambling on professional and college sports activities on the casino sites.

How lawmakers saw the bill

According to the man that led the other 2 co-sponsors of the bill, the opportunity is the type that comes once in a generation and that it is meant to change the face of the casino sector in the state of Indiana, while bringing a huge boost in the economy of the Terre Haute and Gary areas of the state. On his own part, Sen. Eddie Melton, who represents D-Gary explained that the bill 552 will be the best complement that the SB 66 will ever have.

It would be recalled that the SB66 is another casino bill, which the state also passed. But for Sen Vaneta Becker, of R-Evansville, the bill should not have been approved. For him, it should have been on hold for the next three years. After their arguments on the floor, the voting took place and it eventually ended 88-11 in favor of the bill.

The contents of the bill 522

A look at the provisions of the bill reveals that it provided for the relocation of the casinos that are already located in Gary. They decided that a new site in the northeastern part of the Indiana City and another around the Vigo County should get these casinos. However, all these should be determined by the fierce bidding for the license for Vigo County. So, while many people favor Terre Haute as the new location for the casino, there is nothing sacrosanct about that, because the bill provided for proper bidding to be done before a location should be chosen.

Also included in the bill are provisions meant to ensure that the West Baden hotel and Evansville are shielded from the possible negative consequences of the battle for the casino. All other casinos in the northeastern Indiana city are also given this type of protection to avoid the competition killing them off.

After the work of the senate, one representative of the state Todd Huston and R-Pendleton has accepted that he will take the bill to the house. They will now deliberate on it and do the needful.  It would be recalled that the first bill which is named bill 66 by Ryan Mishler and R-Bremen had been approved the same day. This one is seeking to send one license to Baden. This will remove it from the Lake Michigan’s Buffington Harbor to Gary and Terre Haute. This received a voting of 43-6 in favor.

The casino to be moved inland will be the Majestic Star Casinos. This, for them, will improve the potentials that the harbor presents in terms of air, ship and rail transportation. The area will now keep one and relocate two of its casino licenses. This was actually fast tracked by the acquisition of the Majestic Star Casinos by the Spectacle Gaming some time ago.

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