Several casino elements

Mobile games are forcing online slot developers to adapt

Several casino elementsThe online slot world is truly inspiring the rest of the gambling industry. A recent report from Newzoo found that mobile games currently account for 51% of all global revenues in the entire gaming industry. Console games account for 25%, while PC games account for 24%. In addition, the estimate is that more than $100 billion per year is what the global mobile gaming industry will be valued at by 2021. That’s an enormous amount of money, which is truly changing the way that mobile slot developers are taking a look at what they do. From Fortnite, to PUBG, to Into the Dead, to Clash of Clans, mobile games are attracting appeal and, naturally, dollars. Today, online slot developers are taking a page from mobile game developers’ book and offering interactive and fun games to appeal to a younger audience.

Inspiration from other types of entertainment

Online slot developers have taken notice of all the attention mobile games are getting. As such, they are seeking different sectors of the entertainment industry when they are developing new titles.

Online casinos are always trying hard to attract a new audience. Online casinos are especially focused in on millennials, as they are the generation that’s most accustomed to playing games online — especially on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets — and they could become their customers for a long time.

The challenge with this is that millennials aren’t often attracted to online slot games. Even in land-based casinos, slot games are not popular among the younger crowd. They tend to gravitate toward table games, poker and even sports betting.

That has forced online slot developers to adapt to the interests of these millennials, by providing titles that would excite them. This not only means changing up what a traditional slot game looks like, but also creating titles that are based off popular mobile games.

Creating interactive slot games is important

Millennials don’t like passive games. They want to be a part of the action at all times.

This is a big change for slot developers, as traditional slot games have mostly been passive in nature. Now, though, mobile slot developers are catching on and creating slot games that are very interactive for players.

This includes more things than just free spins and extra bonus games. One of the most popular companies to do this is Megaways. This is a reel modifier which is random, and with each spin, there can be literally thousands of ways to win.

This trend has led to games such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire as well as Bonanza that cater specifically to this millennial-type audience that craves interaction.

Slots need to have a story, too

Just like mobile games, the newest and most exciting online slot games today have a story behind them. Mobile games players love following a storyline and being a part of that storyline. So, it makes sense that they would like this in their online gambling games, too.

Some online slot games have integrated this feature into their games, with the ability to unlock secret characters for each “level” of the slot game players complete. These secret characters then each have special powers that help the player trigger bonus games, free spins or even multipliers to win more.

In all, it’s an interactive storyline that goes along with the traditional online slot gameplay.

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