Mobile casino apps with great usability

An image of a real money casino appThere are many real money casino applications available which are supported on just about any smartphone platform available today. A suitable real money mobile casino app could certainly be obtained by persistent gamblers and once it has been installed, it is entirely possible to make bets at all supported online casinos. Of course, the possibilites do not end here. In the following article you can get the most relevant information about real money casino apps. It starts with an overview of reliable casino sites that offer great promotions for different players.

  • Mobile App
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  • Rating
  • Bonus
  • Huge promtions
  • Many mobile games
  • Great usability
Provider Rating Offer Mobile App Bonus Review To the website
Playamo casino logo 96%
  • Top games
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Many promotions
Apple and Android icons C$1500 Playamo review Play now!
The Spin Casino logo in 150x38 pixel 94%
  • Huge game selection
  • Fast payments
  • 24/7 support
Apple and Android icons C$1000 Spin Casino review Play now!
The third All Slots logo 92%
  • Hundreds of slots
  • High payout rates
  • Great live center
Apple and Android icons C$1500 All Slots review Play now!
A third Royal Vegas logo 90%
  • Great customer service
  • Modern games
  • Progressive jackpots
Apple and Android icons C$1200 Royal Vegas review Play now!
The third Europalace logo 89%
  • Great welcome offer
  • Many table games
  • Fast live chat
Apple and Android icons C$600 Europalace review Play now!
Image that shows the 888Casino logo 88%
  • Reliable provider
  • Award winning site
  • Fun games
Apple and Android icons C$140 888 Casino review Play now!
The small Leovegas logo 86%
  • Award winning site
  • Great mobile experience
  • Top games
Apple and Android icons C$1000 Leo Vegas Casino review Play now!
The last Royal Panda logo 85%
  • Many promotions
  • Fast & secure payments
  • Many Top slots
Apple and Android icons C$100 Royal Panda review Play now!
The 3rd Bodog Logo 83%
  • Modern live center
  • Great payout rates
  • Good mobile site
Apple and Android icons C$600 Bodog review Play now!

Things you should know when you play via an app

Casino apps are one of the easiest ways to access a casino from a mobile device. They work simply and in many cases much easier than the way mobile versions of casino sites are used. This is because casino apps are designed specifically for the device they are being used on, compared to a mobile site which may not be fully compatible with certain devices.

For these casino apps to work, they must be downloaded from the app marketplace of a mobile device. Each app marketplace is mostly the same, but they only offer apps that work on a specific device. For example, the App Store only offers apps that work on Apple devices, while the Google Play store is an Android focused marketplace.

Once a player downloads a casino app, they usually work seamlessly. Not only are they compatible with specific devices, but these apps usually make navigation easier than using a mobile website. With buttons that are sized perfectly for each device and other device-specific features, casino apps often perform better than even the desktop versions of casino sites. That said, the development seems clear, but what is it that makes an app so special? Well, see the image below.

Important characteristics of an Online Casino AppWith every passing day, mobile applications are more sophisticated and user-friendly and there is support for an increasing number of smartphones. A little research should quickly reveal a long list of reputable casinos each with their own real money casino app which can certainly help gamblers to quickly feel really at home at that casino of their choice.

Playing casino games on a real money casino app is so easy and completely convenient. Most of these apps make the issue of deposits and withdrawals so simple while maintaining very high security standards. With the real money casino app you always have instant access to your money and most smartphone casinos will always have excellent bonuses and promotions.

There is also a whole range of reputable android casinos who are always ready to accommodate gamblers in any way possible. If you have an Android device you can acess the Android casino. With the real money casino app there is a very large number of very exciting casino games available to gamblers. On the downside, despite the progress which has been made by software developers, there are still gamblers who feel that real money casino applications will never be able to provide people with the real casino experience.

Despite the sophistication of your real money casino app, it can still happen that you lose your Internet connection which can really ruin your gaming experience. There are some gamblers who feel that the real money casino apps make the gambling temptation to readily available and for people with weak self-control this could have a devastating impact on their finances.

General smartphones or Casino iPad online – Which are better?

Playamo screenshots on two mobile devicesThere is no doubt that the real money casino apps which have been installed on your device, so that it can become an Casino iPad online, can provide digital gamblers with a unique gambling experience. The significantly larger screen size will certainly ensure that all images are displayed crisply and clearly and the large screen size will ensure that all information on that screen can be properly read and understood. However there are people who feel that the large size of a tablet makes it a little difficult, to carry it around, such as taking it to work and this is why for someone who’s  on the move a 5 inch smartphone seems to be preferable.

Then there are also people who feel that battery life on these tablets can be limited because of the very large screen size which can drain a tablet battery quite quickly. However most of the available smartphones today have excellent batteries which should be able to last a lot longer than would be the case with some of the tablet models which are available.

Naturally there are other smartphone gadgets such as power banks which can be used to extend the battery life of your tablet but people should remember to purchase a high-capacity power bank if they want to ensure proper charging of those tablet batteries. Every person will have to make their own decision in this regard, whether they are going to go for the large screen size or whether that they would prefer to carry the smartphone in their pocket and then benefit from the longer battery lives which can be expected.

Are there promotions?

All owners of mobile devices which are running real money casino apps will also be eligible for the exact same bonuses and promotions which apply to gamblers who are playing in online casinos. Most casinos have their own real money casino apps and whenever gamblers log into their casino accounts they will always have a very wide range of bonuses and promotions available from which they can benefit.

The Ruby Fortune casino will match any deposit with a 500% bonus up to a maximum amount of $750. There is also Jackpot City casino and they will give bonuses on the first four deposits made, which can accumulate to a maximum value of $1600.

There is also the Gaming Club which will also give hundred percent bonus on deposits and for them the maximum amount is $350. River Belle Casino will reward the first three deposits up to a maximum amount of 800 dollar. At 888 Casino there is a welcome package to the amount of $1500 based on certain guidelines but there is also a $30 bonus completely free.

Mobile casino sites such as JackpotCity, have become extremely popular over the last couple of years and they make extensive use of bonuses and promotions to attract more members to their casino. There are a couple of top mobile casinos around. This same thing can be said about mobile casinos UK where there has been a substantial increase in the use of the real money casino apps.

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Can you pay or withdraw money via your mobile?

Any person with a sophisticated smartphone will know exactly how amazing these smartphone devices can actually be and they will also know that there are thousands of sophisticated applications available to them which can allow the owners of smartphones to accomplish extraordinary feats.

There are today thousands of tablet casinos which have unique casino applications which have been designed by some of the foremost developers in the industry and therefore those real money casino apps are able to accomplish all of the things which most people expect are only possible on desktop computers. It is entirely possible to deposit or withdraw casino money on your smartphone while using one of these sophisticated real money casino apps.

The security of these smartphone applications is of a very high standard and some of the best encryption methods in the online industry are used in order to ensure complete protection of all sensitive information. Real money mobile casino apps support a very large number of reputable financial institutions and also several of the available third-party financial institutions such as PayPal, Neteller, Paysafe and Skrill.

The advantage of these payment methods is that users of a real money casino apps will only be required to input their personal and banking information only once because there after it is only necessary to use your account name which has been assigned to you by that financial institution and once that is done the transfer of deposits are processed automatically without the need to discuss any further personal details.

Nevertheless there are also other payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, wire transfers as well as debit and credit cards which can be used for casino deposits or withdrawals. Every gambler will have to decide for themselves which method or procedure is going to be the most suitable to their unique needs.

The advantages of a Mac Online Casino

Using a Mac Online Casino is a good idea for players who specifically play on Mac devices. If you are someone who uses multiple device types, a Mac Casino might not be ideal for you, but Mac players can enjoy an array of positives by signing up for a casino that caters specifically to them instead of taking a more general approach.

Among those positives are the ability to play at a casino that is secure, given how secure Macs are as a whole. In those casinos, Mac users will have peace of mind knowing that they are going to be in a venue where the games are all optimized for their device. Rather than playing in a casino where the target market is users of PCs, mobile devices, and Macs, these Casinos are designed with one user in mind and that can often lead to a better experience.

Comparison of Android and an iPhone Online Casino

iPhone and Android are two of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices, which means that they have two of the largest user bases for mobile casino gaming. As one would expect, these two operating systems aren’t the same when it comes to running casino games and apps. However, lets just assume for a second that you own an Android device and you want to download an app. These are the steps you have to follow.

How to download an Android app

As a result of those differences, it is important for players to research which games and apps work best on their devices. Some games or apps work better on iOS than they do on Android, and vice versa. And some may not even be available on one or both of those options. Making sure that the casino and games you want are available on your operating platform will ensure the best possible experience.

From a display perspective, there isn’t much of a difference between iPhone Online Casino games and Android casino games, as both are sufficiently modern to handle the demands of even the flashiest casino software. The main difference is going to be in the casinos that are supported on each type of device, and even that isn’t going to be a huge difference given that most casinos would want to cater to players on both platforms. The most dedicated casino players might notice that there are slight variations in availability, but with a little research players should have no problem finding something that works for them.

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Summary of the information

The human race has come a long way since the advent of the Internet and likewise so many new sophisticated technologies have been discovered and perfected and all of these things have made a dramatic impact on the lives of people globally.

Smartphones are without a doubt one of the most frequently used technologies in our modern times and there can be no doubt that with real money mobile casino apps installed on your new smartphone you will gain access to an extraordinary online casino experience. We are already using our smartphones for just about anything else and therefore why should not use it for more information about gambling whenever and where ever the opportunity might percent itself.

Caleb Crosby - Editor in Chief
This article has shown that it is possible to play with your mobile device 24/7 and wherever you are. Take your chance.

Caleb Crosby, Editor-in-chief