The justice statue can be seen here

More Gambling legislation to be considered by legislators in Connecticut

The justice statue can be seen hereLawmakers in the state of Connecticut are to take up more legislation on areas of gambling and sports betting, as these are areas where government is expected to earn the needed revenue, though this will hurt some sensitivities. Now, one thing many people will be surprised at is the fact that the state of Connecticut is contemplating bringing in more casinos. If they bring in one more, it will actually take the tally to three. The newest casino under consideration is one that is expected to trigger a very fierce bidding process for the resort that would be established in the Bridgeport area. The next is intended to be a situation where the tribes of Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegans are to develop and manage a casino in East Windsor.

The proposed location

The place where the casino is favored to be located by the legislation is in the largest city. It is contained in the bill that the state should be allowed to choose a location where the economic impact of the casino will be highly felt in the state. The best place according to popular opinion is that the place that fits this description would be Bridgeport. This is actually the largest of all the cities in the state, and when the gambling and entertainment center is situated there, the fact that it will be accessible to the I-95 and Long Island Sound, plus its proximity to the city market in New York will be a very great advantage.

The supporters also believe that the new senators that came in November last year have taken the place of those who were not forthcoming on issues concerning the casinos. Most of them that were replaced by the new ones never supported a new casino being opened in the state.  In the previous year, a similar bill was passed by the house, but when it got to the senate, it was killed.

However, the Mashantuckets and Mohegans never gave up. They still pursued their desire for a casino in East Windsor. With the new measure, there wouldn’t be any need for the secretary of interior of the US to approve the operation of casino centers in the city. It is also good to note that an investment of up to $300 million is coming to the East Windsor from the MMCT Venture.

The sports betting angle

Also, legislators from the southeastern delegation of the state have presented a bill on sports betting. Here, the two tribal casinos in Connecticut will be empowered to offer sports betting both online and offline. Another one which is coming from a democratic senator is not too strong. However, through it, casinos and off track betting sites can accept bets.

However, before any legislation could be passed on anything gambling, a pact has to be reached between the governor of the state and the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes, who are believed to have exclusive rights over sports betting in the state. So, the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs must approve before any deal will go through.

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