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More gambling chipsThe Court of Appeal just made a ruling that will upset a lot of players in Canada. Disagreeing with a lower court ruling, the appeals court determined that the GotSkill games that were being offered at bars and clubs are not legal. That’s because the Court of Appeals decided that these games were a form of gambling based on chance, which is an activity that cannot take place in any club, bar or other location that is not a formal casino. Not only will this ruling disappoint a lot of players throughout Ontario who enjoy playing the games, but it is sure to hurt the bottom line of a lot of businesses that installed the GotSkill games in their place of business. In fact, that number totaled more than 200 across Ontario. As a result of this latest Court of Appeal ruling, those 200 or so businesses will have to immediately remove them from their facilities.

What the Court of Appeal ruled

In September 2018, the GotSkill games looked like they were a safe bet to continue operating as they have been in Ontario. That’s because Andras Schreck, a Superior Court judge, ruled that the games were based on skill and not luck. As such, the GotSkill games were allowed to operate outside of casinos in Ontario. Based on that ruling, more and more venues began installing the GotSkill machines in their businesses to try to attract more players to their place of business.

Now, though, those businesses that spent the money to install the GotSkill machines will have to remove them because they violate the province’s gaming laws. That happened after The Alcohol and Gaming Commission in January appealed judge Schreck’s initial ruling, hoping to have his decision overturned. They obviously were successful in doing so, as the Court of Appeal determined the GotSkill games were based on chance not skill.

Why the GotSkill games were determined to be chance-based

One of the big reasons why the Court of Appeal ruled that GotSkill was chance-based gambling is that they have a bonus feature that resembles quite closely that of traditional slot machines. Players risked real money and were offered the chance to spin a wheel. If the symbols on the wheel resulted in a certain match, they would win a specific prize. This obviously sounds a lot like the traditional slot machines.

The one area where it was originally determined to be skill-based is that matching symbols wasn’t purely based on whatever the machine determined. Players had to move a cursor and a clock on the screen at just the right moment to match the symbols up properly. This was what many were calling a skill, since a player needed to have good hand-eye coordination as well as speed in order to claim the top prize for the game, which could be up to $2,000, depending on what the player bet.

Ultimately, though, the Court of Appeal ruled that GotSkill was based more on chance than on skill, which is why they determined that it was an illegal activity to be offered outside of a casino in Ontario. In the meantime, if you want to enjoy other online gambling forms, take a look at the site below.