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North Bay residents weigh in on new casino

The fourth poker imageGateway Casinos & Entertainment has been developing a casino complex in North Bay for some time now, and the local community is bracing and preparing for its arrival. In preparation, the community will conduct a survey about the impact that the gambling will bring to the local community. The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit announced it will conduct the survey of residents from Parry Sound and Nipissing. People who participate in the survey can remain anonymous so their names aren’t associated with their comments. The organization wants to know what its residents think about the Cascades Casino North Bay, which is set to open next spring if all continues to go as planned in terms of the construction. Some residents have already expressed concerns about gambling for now and in the future.

The concerns with gambling

The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit, in tandem with the Gambling Harm Reduction Partnership, aims to increase awareness about gambling risks that can come with a new casino. Not only are the organizations concerned about gambling addiction, but they are also concerned about the possible risks of health behavior, socioeconomic status as well as substance abuse.

The Health Unit’s goal is to improve the conversation around gambling in its region, as well as increase the amount of information — and accessibility to it — between Gateway Casinos and the local municipalities in which it is building. The organization is hoping that the surveys would give them a solid view on how the community at large feels about the upcoming casino and some of its potential impacts now and in the future. If you want to get in on the action now, check out the online casino below.

Details on the surveys

Any resident has the ability to participate in the anonymous surveys, as long as they are at least 19 years of age. The surveys will ask people how often (if at all) they gamble, and what their preferences are when they gamble. The idea is that finding out how people gamble and their tendencies could shed light on the potential impact of the new casino and gambling in general.

There is also a second survey that will target businesses in the region. This survey would poll business owners on their overall future vision for North Bay once the Cascades Casino North Bay conducts its opening ceremony. The Health Unit wants to hear from business owners on both the potential positive and negative impacts of it.

The deadline to respond to the surveys is December 6. People can do so at the Health Unit hotspots that are located in both Parry Sound and North Bay.

A special event

The Health Unit even held a special event early in November at the Grande Event Centre in North Bay to liven up the conversation about both the cons and the pros of the casino for both the host community and those that surround it.

This is happening as construction workers are doing their best to enclose the structure so that they can continue work in the harsh winter months that are about to come. This would allow interior work on the buildings to continue despite the bad conditions outside.

As local residents await the opening of the new casino, you can get in on the action now at one of the online casinos below.