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Online gambling taking hold in Canada

A second poker imageLike many places in the world, Canada’s online casino marketplace is thriving, thanks to a combination of changing attitudes towards gambling in general and the preferences of gamblers to play online. Canadian laws are a little strange when it comes to online gambling. Playing at online casinos is completely legal. The only stipulation is that online casinos can’t advertise to players in regions where it hasn’t been legalized yet. The provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia and Quebec have regularized gambling so far, and online casinos are naturally thriving in these areas. In the other provinces, people are still allowed to play at online casinos, which has only added to the success of the industry nationwide. Even though the practice isn’t formally legalized in the remaining provinces, that doesn’t stop people from enjoying the thrills of online gambling.

People love playing online

Online casinos are doing so well because people today love playing online from the comfort of their own home or from a mobile device wherever they go. People today are on their phones or digital devices constantly, and they love to play games from these devices as well.

Younger generations especially love the ability to access online casino sites from wherever they are, just as they like to be on other apps for entertainment, information or work purposes.

The changing attitudes of people today have helped significantly boost the online casino economy, as people don’t have to travel to a land-based casino in order to gamble. This trend has been seen not only in Canada, but across the world as well.

This isn’t just conjecture, either. A study conducted recently found that 75% of money that was wagered at casinos in Italy, Spain and Belgium was done so at an online casino. While these statistics don’t speak to Canada, they are surely equally representative here.

Casinos sites and games are getting better

As more and more people are flocking to gambling online, more and more online casinos are popping up, and more and more game developers are appearing as well. This is significantly increasing competition in the industry, which naturally has made the online casinos and games better for the players as well.

Nowadays, it’s too easy for a player to find a legitimate online casino that is licensed by a formal regulatory body, that offers great bonuses and extra features, that provides quick and easy deposit and withdrawal methods, and that offers outstanding payouts. This added competition has made game-play so much better for the players themselves.

Online gaming is getting more mobile

As the trends in internet usage goes, so, too, goes the trends of online casinos. Today, people are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets more than they are using desktops and laptops.

As a result, developers are forced to cater to this practice by programming for mobile devices. This means that online casinos are finding it necessary to create a large chunk of games that are significantly optimized for mobile devices, some of which are designed strictly for these mobile devices.

This gives players access to gaming wherever they are, and in the long run, it’s boosting the industry’s participation rates and reach as well.

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