Play 5x Magic online

Logo 5x MagicThere are not too many slots with the magic show theme. So, if you crave for magic in a game form, this will satisfy your cravings. This is actually a show that will be worth all the hype when you eventually see it. It is not just about experiencing the show, but also what you will gain while enjoying the experience. The winning in this 3 reels 5 pay-lines game from the Pla’ n Go Gaming could be up to 5,000 times the entire value of your bet. The jackpot size is 5000 maximum, with an RTP of about 95.42%. But the best thing about it is the low betting range of 0.1 minimum to allow people of all means participate. This shows that 5x Magic is a very interesting game, one you shouldn`t miss. Also, make sure you don`t skip this 5x Magic review.

Highlights and symbols of 5x Magic

Currently, 3 reels slots may not be as rampant as the 5 reels. But it used to be the in demand thing for a very long time for classic and retro casino lovers. But at some point, things needed to change, and the world moved to the 5 reels online slot system. However, those who craved exactly for the brick and mortar casino experience still clamor for this, and there are not many of this to satisfy them. The 5x Magic tries to fill this gap. Here, you are greeted by the professional magician from the word go. It comes with some old slot machine symbols, and they pay huge amounts.

  • Low paying symbols according to our review will include 3 different bars, one single, the other double and the other triple, with the arcade history books
  • The higher paying icons are the trickster icon and the great magician icon

5x Magic Ingame

If you want to take the chance and win a nice price, you can try your luck here.

X5 Wild symbols

The wild is represented by the “X5” sign, which means the game logo. Every symbol could be replaced in the game by this icon to form winning lines. When winning happens, it pays a X5 of the combination. With two wilds, you have 25X and with 3, you gain the 100X, with up to 5000 coins extra.

The Wizards Hat Scatter symbols

The scatter is the Wizards Hat. When you have it, you won’t be hoping for any free spins because they won’t come. What they do is to multiply your bets when you have them. 3 will give you 25; while 2 will give you 2.

Heavy multipliers

The thing to note in the 5x Magic game is that there are no free spins. It is a slot that only gives multipliers when the scatter appears. As we have said earlier, you gain 2X when you land 2 of it and gain 25X when you land 3.

Secret tips and tricks to win

Now, this game of slot comes with very simple rules. All you need to do is start with efforts to match the winning symbols on pay-lines. Now, because the game comes with an avalanche of symbols and reels, you will see a lot to do this with. So, matching the symbols and winning on this game seems easy. But before you can be sure of the winnings, you should learn the game with the demo version where you play slot for free to master the intrigues.


Now, when you check according to the look and appearance, you will realize that the retro feel and look are completely captured on this game to take you back to memory lane. So, if you love the brick and mortar setting, you should come here. What’s more is the fact that the symbols in the game are illustrated with artwork. This gives it a very ritzy stage. So, both the ambience, the sound, the graphics and even the payouts and prizes are good.