Play 7th Heaven online

Logo 7th HeavenThe online slot game 7th Heaven uses a lot of the imagery you would find around a casino, with card suits, sevens, and the occasional fruit symbol appearing throughout this game. And with five reels and 18 paylines, players can enjoy a more modern version of slots in terms of the number of reels and paylines featuring those symbols and they look to reach 7th Heaven by racking up the cash throughout the game. If you like slots without any of the frills that they normally come with nowadays, 7th Heaven might just be what you are looking for. This game doesn’t feature over the top graphics or goofy animations when a winning combination is hit. It is simply about the slots themselves, which makes for a refreshing experience to those who just want to play some slots.

7th Heaven symbols

This game does feature plenty of opportunities to win beyond just making winning combinations on the reels, with symbols that trigger those scenarios. Here is a quick rundown of the symbols in 7th Heaven.

  • Card suits – diamonds, spades, clubs, hearts
  • Cherries
  • Bar symbols
  • Bell symbols
  • W symbol – Wild symbol
  • 7 symbol
  • Gem Party – Bonus symbol
  • Four card suits – Free spins symbol

7th Heaven Ingame

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W is for Wild

The wild symbols in 7th Heaven are represented by a W. Easy enough to tell what they are, and not something that can get confusion as the wild symbols in other games might. These symbols show up in reels two through four to help complete winning combinations, and can have a substantial impact on a player’s winnings on a spin-to-spin basis.

Suited for spins

Players have the opportunity to earn free spins in this game by racking up the symbols that feature all four card suits on them. These symbols show up in the last three reels and, when they do, trigger a spinning wheel game where players can bring in seven to 12 free spins while a bonus suit offers the opportunity to pay back your initial spin amount.

The gem party is on

There is also a bonus level in 7th Heaven in the form of the gem party symbol. Three gem party symbols in the first three reels triggers this bonus, which can bring in up to 1,500 credits depending on how the bonus game itself goes. That isn’t a staggering bonus amount by any means, but can add up if you hit the bonus on a few occasions during a slots session.

7th Heaven tips and tricks

A word of advice for 7th Heaven would be to play the slot for free to see if you like it before starting to play it for real. Once you are playing for real, feel free to adjust the amount of paylines you play at times. There are up to 18 paylines in this game, a number that can be adjusted down to one. Sometimes it is a good strategy to reduce the number of paylines used, or to increase them depending on the situation.

The summary

As a whole, this review of 7th Heaven slots is a positive one, as the no-frills approach to slots is appreciated in a time where most games can get distracting with bells and whistles. If you are a fan of old-school games but want a five-reel experience, this could be the perfect choice.