Play 8 Ball Pool online

Logo 8-Ball SlotsTaking a trip to the pool hall is on the agenda with the 8 Ball Pool slots game, which is a strong old-school online slot option. The three-reel game isn’t concerned with going overboard with all of the new features that slots players have come to enjoy, instead going back to the basics for an experience that is solid as a shot in the corner pocket. This game has one payline, and the goal of the game is simple: to rack up three solid or striped balls. Those combinations are what pay out along the game’s lone payline, with three of the game ball yielding a higher payout, and three eight balls resulting in the highest payout available. There aren’t any other frills to worry about, that is the entire game.

Simple symbols

As far as symbols are concerned, you have solid colored balls, and you have striped balls. The eight-ball is the star of the balls on this pool table, with three of those resulting in the biggest payout of any combination on the reels. Without any additional symbols to be concerned with, there isn’t much room for confusion.

8 Ball Pool Slot IngameThere are not any scatter symbols to be had in this game, nor are there any wild symbols or free spins round to contend with. Instead, there are just the symbols that you find on each reel, whose combinations might yield payouts depending on which balls come up on the screen. This could be the one down spot to this 8 Ball Slots review, as it could be nice to see something to spice up some spins.

A great way to make this game a little more interesting would be a pool-focused bonus round. If there was some sort of bonus symbol or combination of symbols that could trigger a bonus round, there would be a huge chance to leap into a billiards-themed game that would break up any potential monotony. Instead, there is no such game and players can simply continue to spin.

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A trip to the pool hall

Visually, this game doesn’t concern itself much with the appeal of the game. There is a green background, which vaguely resembles the background of a pool table. But there isn’t any sort of look at pockets or anything in the background of the game that would remind anyone of an actual pool table. And the billiards balls themselves look about two-dimensional and not modern enough to fit in with modern slots.

8 Ball Pool tips and tricks

A word of advice would be to play the slot for free before playing for real, as the game might not be for everyone due to its simplicity. Getting a feel for the game shouldn’t take long, which also means that players should know whether or not this online casino option fits their tastes before long.

The summary

As far as slots games go, 8 Ball Pool is a solid, no-frills option. But players might want to see a little more at least on the visual side to make up for the lack of exciting features in the games themselves.