Play A Dragon’s Story online

Logo A Dragon's StoryA Dragon’s Story is a five-reel slots game that makes the player take a trip back to the medieval times, with dragons and knights and the hunt for gold both on the reels and in your balance. The game has some interesting features that result in a largely positive review of what the online game has to offer. The goal of the game, of course, is to obtain winning slot combinations across the five reels. But the real intrigue is how a player gets there. With plenty of symbols that can yield winnings across the game, there is no shortage of intrigue on a spin to spin basis. Here is a quick rundown of the symbols in A Dragon’s Story. After that you will get information about a promotional offer and you will see some tips and tricks.

A Dragon’s symbols

  • Red Dragon – wild symbol
  • Purple Jewel – scatter symbol
  • Gold
  • Knight
  • Shield
  • Boot
  • Ace/King/Queen/Jack/10/9 Symbols

A Dragon's Story Ingame

There aren’t a particularly large amount of symbols in this game that have a huge significance beyond just their immediate presence on the board. There isn’t a bonus round symbol or a free spins specific symbol, for example. But there is a free spin component that works in tandem with the scatter symbol, making that one of the most important symbols in the game as a whole.

Without a doubt the slot A Dragon’s Story is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Wild Dragons

There to help winning combinations appear is the wild symbol, which is a red dragon in this game. Wilds can match any symbol on the board with the exception of the scatters, which would be amazing given how much power a scatter symbol holds in the context of this game. But alas, the wilds are still incredibly important to the success of a player in this game. And it is possible for more wilds to appear if players opt to use the SuperBet function.

Scattered jewels

The scatter symbol in this game is the jewel symbol, which holds a lot of power in that it also controls when free spins are issued. When three or more jewels appear in a spin, 10 free spins are awarded. These free spins have their winnings doubled for as long as they are happening, and it should be noted that the free spins can be retriggered if three scatters show up during the free spins themselves.

One super bet

The SuperBet function controls the presence of small dragons that sit at the bottom of either three or five reels. These dragons occasionally blow fire at some of the symbols on the board, changing them from whatever they were previously into wild symbols. This can take a spin from being a relative letdown to being a lucrative one depending on where those wilds show up.

A Dragon’s Story tips and tricks

Some advice for this game, besides to play the slot for free, is to be conservative when it comes to the use of the SuperBet feature. Yes, having more wilds pop up on a given spin can be a great thing. But not every spin is guaranteed to yield additional wilds, and the presence of the small dragons will cost a player on each spin that they are a part of the equation.

The summary

As a whole, A Dragon’s Story is an interesting game that combines some of the types of symbols that hardcore slots players would want to see into the scatter symbol. This makes the action easier to follow, which makes for a smoother playing experience.