Play A Night In Paris online

Logo A Night In ParisThere aren’t many things that sound more exhilarating than a night in Paris, but the online slot game A Night In Paris just might be one of those things. In this review, get an idea of the symbols that are available in this five-reel game where there is crime afoot in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also, find out what tips and tricks there are before you start spinning. What really makes A Night In Paris special is the animation, which is among the most visually stunning in all of online slots. The game really does put the visuals on par with the actual functionality of the gameplay, making this game fun for more than just the ability to spin and win.

Crime stopping symbols

In terms of the symbols on the board, there are some interesting characters, along with some crime stopping gear strewn throughout the reels. In this rundown of the different symbols available in the game, find out which symbols you should keep an eye out for.

  • Police badge – free spins symbol
  • Painting – bonus round symbol
  • Police officer
  • Thief
  • Dog
  • Lovers
  • Doves
  • Sculpture
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Pottery
  • Croissant

A Night In Paris Ingame

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Merit badge

As you can see, there is not a scatter symbol to be had in this game, which isn’t the biggest loss when you consider that there are plenty of other symbols that can trigger bonuses. The first of those is the police badge. Three badges yields five free spins, while additional badges to show up result in even higher amounts of spins on the house. These spins come as if they were the same bet amount and number of paylines as the spin that triggered them.

Painting a bonus

The bonus round symbol is a painting in this game, which is appropriate given that the bonus round is selecting a painting which determines what your bonus amount is. This isn’t an overly elaborate bonus game, but is something to change things up after constantly having a spin on the reels throughout play.

There is an additional way to earn a bonus in this game. A combination of the burglar, police badge, and officer (or vice versa) triggers an instant bonus that is awarded right away without having to spin for it or perform any additional actions. This easy way to earn more money is fun, and easier than having to make any selections that could hinder the amount won.

A Night In Paris tips and tricks

Players have the option to play this slot for free before they start playing for real. And as far as advice goes to players of this game, the best advice there is would be to make sure to take in the animations and other things that set this game apart from more bland online slots offerings.

The conclusion

With a very nice visual package tied to a solid slots game, A Night In Paris is more than most players would have expected, just like chasing a burglar would be more than most people expected from an actual night in Paris. For that reason, the game comes highly recommended.