Play A Night of Mystery online

Logo A Night of MysteryEveryone loves a little mystery in their life, and A Night of Mystery provides just that by offering players the opportunity to unearth clues and figure out what happened on an infamous night. With five reels, and the ability to rack up free spins and other mysterious delights, this online slot offering earns a positive review for its ability to keep things fresh from the start of the mystery all the way to its thrilling conclusion. If you want to be among the lucky players make sure that you read this comprehensive A Night of the Mystery review and donĀ“t skip the part in which you see a promotional offer. Stay tuned and enjoy reading.

Mysterious symbols

There are up to 40 paylines to be had in this game of intrigue, which means that there are up to 40 different ways in which players can rack up winning combinations throughout the game. And in order to make those paylines count, players have to form winning combinations with the symbols that exist in the game. Here is a rundown of the symbols you can expect to see throughout A Night of Mystery.

  • Free Games – scatter and free spins symbol
  • Detective/Mysterious Women
  • Ace/King/Queen/Jack/10 Symbols
  • Wild symbol
  • Clue symbols

A Night of Mystery Ingame

In all, some of the symbols that exist throughout the game can get a little confusing, with an extremely long list of payout rules that should be read before the game is first played. This is true mostly of the clue collection situations, where special symbols are introduced into the game that mean different things than what you would see in the regular version of the game. But once you take the time to figure them out, they are valuable additions to the action.

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One Wild night

Wild symbols in this game exist during the clue collection bonus, and can be substituted for anything but the actual clue symbols. Included in those clue symbols are items like lipstick and weapons that can be attributed to whoever is responsible for what went on throughout the night. In this way, the game can be more immersive than an average slots game, as players have more to pay attention to than the outcomes of just the individual spins.

Scatters and free spins

The aptly named Free Games symbol simply says Free Games on it. And it delivers on that promise by offering free spins if three of them are found in a spin. These symbols only appear in reels two through four, and yield nine free spins should three of them appear. This symbol initiates the clue collection portion of the game, where players can pick up clues to find out who was responsible for what went on during the night.

Mysterious tips and tricks

It is never a bad idea to play the slot for free as you go, which will allow players to get a feel for the game. More than anything, pay close attention to the clue bonus rounds, as whether or not you like those could go a long way toward determining your feelings on the game as a whole.

The summary

In conclusion, A Night of Mystery has a lot of really creative elements to it that make it more than just a run of the mill slots game. That earns it a positive review, and makes it one that should appeal to players who want a little creativity to go with their slots.