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Logo A Night OutEveryone needs a night out once in a while, but now A Night Out doesn’t have to mean going out, thanks to this online slot game. The game features imagery of hitting the town and enjoying some nightlife, while you attempt to spin and win. In this review of A Night Out, find out what symbols to expect and what can result in the biggest wins in the game. You will get detailled information about these two topics but that is not everything. In this comprehensive A NIght Out review you will get the chance to claim a promotional offer that many players wouldn`t want to miss. So make sure that you don`t skip this review. Good luck and enjoy reading.

Symbols on the town

Unsurprisingly, a game called A Night Out has plenty of symbols that represent things you might see when you go out for a night of drinks and good times. Whether that consists of drinks, the dance floor, or the ladies, chances are that you will see something from your nights out when you fire up this game. These are the symbols present in A Night Out.

  • Beer – wild symbol
  • Dance floor – scatter symbol
  • Bartender – bonus
  • Women
  • Cocktails

A Night Out Ingame

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A Wild night

Who doesn’t love a beer during a night out, right? In this game, there is nothing quite as refreshing as a beer, as beers are the wild symbols in A Night Out. These symbols can be swapped out for any on the board with the exception of the scatters. And perhaps more importantly, five of them across any of the 20 paylines in a spin can yield a 10,000 coin bonus.

Hit the dance floor

The scatter symbol in this game is the dance floor, which looks to be filling up if the symbol imagery is to be believed. Players can take on three to five scatters to be rewarded anywhere from five to 50 coins, which are multiplied by the total bet and added to the line wins. These are the only symbols that the wild symbol can’t match, but these scatters still have plenty of potential value.

Tip your bartender

Bartenders are the best friend of many during a night out, and this game is no exception to that rule. Seeing the bartender triggers the bonus game. These symbols have the potential to show up anywhere in the game’s five reels. The bonus game allows players to pick a drink and a dance partner, one of which selects the player’s bonus while the other picks their multiplier. If only it were as easy as picking a drink and a dance partner during a real night out.

Party tips and tricks

This game isn’t particularly visually stunning, so the best advice to take in is to be aware of that going in and decide if the graphics are for you. It might not be a bad idea to play the slot for free to get a feel for them to decide where you stand on the visuals.

The conclusion

All in all, A Night Out might not be the best game to look at, but it does pack a punch in terms of the bonuses and other interesting things that there are to choose from. Be sure to keep an eye out for the bartender and, like any night out, have a good time.