Play Absolute Super Reels online

Logo Absolute Super ReelsAbsolute Super Reels is one of the more interesting online slot games out there right now, as it is a five-reel game that doesn’t act like one. The first three reels function as a traditional three-reel game, while the two reels to the right act in their own unique way to make this game feel different than most. In this review of Absolute Super Reels, find out what makes the game tick and what makes it so different from the rest. This review starts with several explanations of the important symbols. After that you can read more about the tips and tricks and you will also see a promotional offer that you don´t want to miss. So without further ado let´s jump right into it.

Absolute Super symbols

This game has the feel of an old-school slots game from the symbols used. Players have a series of sevens and bars to land on, straight out of the three-reel games of old, only housed in an electric purple design meant to grab the eye. Here is a rundown of the symbols in play in Absolute Super Reels.

  • Sevens
  • Bars
  • Absolute Super Reels Logo
  • Multipliers
  • Respins – free spins
  • Bonus reel numbers – bonus

Absolute Super Reels Ingame

What is interesting about this game is that it does not feature the traditional setup of the wilds and scatter symbols to create winning combinations. Instead, the bars and sevens create all of the winning combinations, with added bonuses available on the rightmost two reels to create the potential for added value that way.

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Absolute Super multipliers

One of the ways that players can be rewarded for hitting a winning combination is through multipliers. The rightmost reel will occasionally land on a multiplier such as 2x. If that multiplier falls within the payline where a winning combination was formed, the winning combination would be paid out at the rate of that multiplier.

Absolutely free spins

Instead of that multiplier in the rightmost reel, there is occasionally a symbol that says Respin. If the respin symbol comes into the payline of a winning combination, free spins are awarded. The amount of free spins won can vary slightly, but these are a great way to follow up a spin that was already a winner.

Absolute Super bonuses

In addition to the above ways that the rightmost two reels can add value for a player, there is also the possibility to just add additional credits on at the end of each spin. The second reel from the right often has an additional credit value listed on it. If it falls into your winning payline, that amount is yours.

Absolute tips and tricks

There is the ability to play the slot for free, which is never a bad idea. But the most important piece of advice for this game is to understand how the paylines work before you get started. Failure to do that can result in not knowing why you did or didn’t get a bonus, multiplier, or free spins like you had hoped, instead of taking the time to figure out why before getting too involved with the game.

The conclusion

If nothing else, Absolute Super Reels is a fun go at making slots a little different. Given how many games there are out there, that is definitely not a bad thing, and it makes for a fun experience mixing the old with the new.