Play Ace Adventure HD online

Logo Ace Adventure HDAce Adventure HD is an online slot that is very similar to an Indiana Jones story, where the hero has to find a way out of a dangerous jungle. Whether or not Ace can escape, it is up to you to escape the jungle with some winnings. In this review of Ace Adventure HD, find out what symbols to look out for and how to win at this slot. First of all, you will read some in-depth information about the symbols of this Ace Adventure slot game. Second, you will learn more about Scatter and Wild symbols, then you`ll get the opportunity to claim a promotional offer and at the end you will read information about tips and tricks for this entertaining and well known slot game.

Adventurous symbols

As one would expect in a game called Ace Adventure, there are plenty of adventurous symbols to be found throughout the game. Included in that list is an honest to goodness cannibal, a gun, and many others. Here is a full list of the symbols that are included in this game.

  • Cannibal – wild symbol
  • Free spins game
  • Bonus game
  • Radio
  • Gun
  • Binoculars
  • Canteen
  • Shrunken Heads
  • Skull
  • Snake

Ace Adventure HD Ingame

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Getting Wild in the jungle

The wild symbols in this game are cannibals, who look very intimidating compared to most of the symbols that you see in the world of slots. But these cannibals can help you in your quest to win in slots, with the ability to match any and all symbols with the exception of the free spins and bonus round symbols. Also, five of these can result in a payout of 7,500 coins, which is a great wild payout.

These symbols also add a 3x multiplier to winnings that go through the wilds, for added excitement. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are magic wild symbols as well, where other symbols change into wilds that have magic trace around the edges after they pop up.

Going for a free spin

The free spins in this game are triggered by a slightly interactive method, adding some involvement that makes free spinners more a part of the action than they are in some games’ free spin scenarios. Here, any three or more free spins game symbols means that the game is going to happen. From there, players click on the free spins icon to find out how many free spins they are going to get rather than just watching the reels spin.

Bonus time

Once per spin, a bonus game can be triggered. This is done by landing three bonus symbols over the course of a spin, which initiates the game and opens up the possibility for additional winnings during that spin. It could be worth a try to play this slot for free to find out what the bonus game is like before taking it for a spin for real cash.

Tips for adventure

A good tip for Ace Adventure is to remember that the free spins symbols can sometimes have a value of zero free spins. This is noted on the game’s guidelines, but that might not be something that is looked at before every round. At the very least, it is useful to manage expectations.

Short summary

With a cool jungle motif and the air of adventure lingering throughout, Ace Adventure HD is a slot game that earns a positive review. With bonus games and free spins throughout, and a little magic through the wilds, there are plenty of pieces to this game that are enjoyed broadly.