Play Ace of Spades online

Logo Ace of SpadesIn addition to being a popular song by Motorhead, the Ace of Spades is one of the most iconic cards in a deck. And in this online slot game, the Ace of Spades is one of the many things players will be looking for in the search of big bonuses and huge wins. In this review of the Ace of Spades game, find out what you can expect and what symbols await you as you play this three-reel throwback of a game. There are plenty of symbols you should hope for, if you want to win some money. Further, you will read more about possible Ace of Spades tips and tricks and then you will get the chance to claim a promotional offer. Enjoy reading and good luck!

Ace of symbols

With this game being an old-school three-reel game, there aren’t as many symbols as you might find in more modern slot offerings that have five reels and all kinds of paylines. But there are enough symbols to keep things interesting, with the spade symbol being the most interesting for players given its status as the wild. Here is a rundown of what symbols you can expect when you play Ace of Spades.

  • Spade – wild symbol
  • Crown
  • Shamrock
  • Jack/Queen/King symbols

Ace of Spades Ingame

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Spades are Wild

By far the most interesting symbol in this game is the spade, which serves as both the wild symbol and the most lucrative symbol in the game. This symbol can match any other on the board. It also doubles the value of any winning combination. And when three spades are showing, that winning combination multiplier jumps from two to four, which can really ramp up the value of a successful spin. Three spades yields up to 2,500 coins, which is a massive value.

Perhaps the biggest knock on this game is that there isn’t too much else going on outside of the presence of the wild spades. There is just one payline to be concerned with in this game, and there aren’t any other special symbols, free spins, or bonus rounds to be occupied by. Players of older, three-reel games might like this level of simplicity and the wilds might be good enough for them. But that is a matter of taste.

Go for the crown

The next most lucrative symbol in this game is the crown symbol, which isn’t a wild or scatter, but does offer a hefty payout of players manage to get enough of them. Depending on how many coins are played, the crown can yield up to 240 coins, making it valuable even if it isn’t some sort of special symbol.

Ace of Spades tips and tricks

When it comes to advice for Ace of Spades, the best advice is to play the slot free before investing in it. With simplistic games like this one, it is always best to confirm that you actually like the game before you buy into it. With so many more elaborate slots options out there, this is one you will definitely want to try before you buy.

A short summary

Overall, Ace of Spades is fun in that it does more with less. But some slots players will definitely want more immersive and complex games, while others will really enjoy the simplicity here.