Play Adventure Palace online

Logo Adventure PalaceWith a palace in the middle of the jungle, there is no surprise that the namesake of this game is Adventure Palace. Given the adventure that it takes to get to such a location, that name sounds appropriate. And in this game there are plenty of adventures to be had, with adventurous symbols that can spice up the online slot experience. In this review, find out all about those adventures and more. First of all, you will learn more about the important symbols. which you should get in order to win some money. Second, you will read more about some interesting tips and tricks that can help you in this game. Last but not least, you will see an attractive promotional offer. Don`t wait any longer. Make sure you read this comprehensive review now.

Adventurous symbols

With this game being based in the jungle, it is no surprise that the symbols in the game are animals. And there is a nice array of animals to be seen, as players can enjoy the wildlife while hoping to reach their ultimate goal of slot winnings. Here is a rundown of what animals are represented in the game, from the lowly to the lucrative.

  • Palace – scatter symbol
  • Elephant – wild symbol
  • Tiger
  • Monkey
  • Peacock
  • Birds
  • Snake

Adventure Palace Ingame

As you can see, there is a vague hierarchy here, as the elephant is the most valuable in the game with more prestigious animals being worth more coins until you get down to the birds and snake at the bottom of the list.

Without a doubt the slot Adventure Palace is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Trunks Wild

The elephant does a lot of the heavy lifting in this game, and not just because it is the biggest animal on the board. They serve as a sort of jackpot in a way, in that they offer the highest payouts. Five elephant symbols along the game’s five reels and nine paylines would yield a payout of 10,000 coins, which would be the best available.

In terms of its function as a wild symbol, the elephant is plenty mighty there as well. It can match any of the other animal symbols on the board to create winning combinations and increase the potential payouts from a given spin.

A palatial Scatter

A symbol that the game is named after, the palace symbol acts as the scatter in this game. Instead of having to follow the game’s paylines, these symbols can appear anywhere on the board to have their desired effect. Any three or more of these scatters will trigger 15 free spins, with the winnings on those free spins being tripled.

Adventure Palace tips and tricks

Besides the most obvious advice to play the slot free before investing into it, one of the best pieces of advice possible for this game is to play the mini-game after a winning spin that allows players to double or quadruple their winnings. Whereas most games of this type only offer the chance to double up, this game is a little more interesting than that. Players can opt to go for the double or nothing option, which lets them guess what color the card will be. But the option to guess which suit the card will be and quadruple their money that way is a nice wrinkle.

The conclusion

Adventure Palace has a lot of good things going for it, with a great look and not too many paylines, the game is both simple and elegant. And with free spins and wilds up for grabs, the game truly does feel like an adventure.