Play African Simba online

Logo African SimbaWhen most people hear the name Simba, they think of a very popular movie about a lion in Africa who avenges his father to become king. Well, African Simba wants to change that, offering a lion-themed online slot that is plenty memorable in its own right. In this African Simba review, find out just what goes into this game, so you know what to expect before you start playing. This review will also show you a promotional offer that can give you a better start when you sign up to an online casino site. Last but not least, you will read more information about possible tips and tricks and the symbols that matters most in this African Simba slot.

Simba symbols

African Simba is a visually beautiful game, which is fitting given how beautiful the actual area the game is portraying is. And with all of the great wildlife that exists in that region of the world, it’s no surprise that many of the symbols in this game are centered around those majestic animals. Here is a quick look at what symbols you can expect from the game.

  • Lion – wild symbol
  • Sunset – scatter symbol
  • African animals

African Simba Ingame

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Wild Lions

The lion is the king of the jungle, the animal at the top of the food chain. And in African Simba, that is no different, which is perhaps unsurprising given that the lion is the namesake of the game. In terms of the actual gameplay, the lion is also at the top of the food chain, serving as the game’s wild symbol. The mighty lion matches any symbol on the board in this five-reel, 25 payline game, with the exception of the scatter symbols. This opens up the chance to create countless winning combinations.

Scattered Sunsets

There might not be anything in the world more beautiful than a sunset in the African savannah, and players of African Simba might just agree after they rack up sunset symbols in this game. Sunsets serve as the scatter symbol in this game, which trigger a bonus game if three of them are generated on a given spin.

That bonus game comes in the form of 12 free spins. And during those 12 free spins, all winnings are tripled, making the sunset just the start of this slots party.

Double or nothing

African Simba also gives players the chance to double their winnings in a mini-game after each spin, where players can guess the color that is drawn from the deck for a chance to multiply their winnings by two.

African Simba tips and tricks

Players should play the slot for free to get accustomed to the game and how it works. Once they have done that, though, the best piece of advice there is in this game is to take advantage of the double or nothing mini-game on spins where the win amount is not significant. It may not be the best idea to risk it all on a spin that featured a huge win, but doubling the smaller spins might be a good way to boost a player’s overall return.

The summary

African Simba is like a player’s very own safari, complete with beautiful animals, sunsets, and the chance to reel in some coins in the process. If nothing else, it is a very entertaining and visually appealing slots option.