Play Age of Discovery online

Logo Age of DiscoveryThe Age of Discovery slot game is a trip back to the days where the rest of the world was being “discovered”, so to speak, by explorers. So long before there was the Internet, many many years ago. This online slot offering has plenty to discover in its own right, as the game offers riches in the form of coin-shaped wild symbols, bonus games, and much more. In this comprehensive Age of Discovery review, find out just what makes the game tick. First of all you will read about the important symbols and after that you will read more about possible tips and tricks you can use. After that you will see a great promotional offer. So make sure you don´t skip this review.

Discovery symbols

This game is all about navigating the sea to get to the ultimate goal of finding riches and new lands. As a result, the game’s symbols are also about some of the wonders that awaited when explorers got to their destinations. Here is a quick guide to what symbols you can expect when you play Age of Discovery.

  • Serpent – scatter symbol
  • Gold coin – wild symbol
  • Compass – bonus symbol
  • Navigator
  • Ship
  • Fruit

Age of Discovery Ingame

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Wild for Discovery

Gold was one of the main goals of exploration for those who searched for new lands, and this game has plenty of gold in the form of the coin-shaped wilds. These match any symbol on the board except for the scatter and bonus symbol, and they also offer a great multiplier in their own right, up to a massive 6,000x.

Two wilds trigger a 3x multiplier in this 25 payline game, while three wilds lead to a 50x multiplier, four wilds equal a 500x multiplier, and five wilds equal that 6,000x mark. In a way you could say that 6,000x marks the spot in this treasure hunt.

Serpentine Scatters

The serpent represents one of the monsters that explorers were rumored to run into when they went on their expeditions to attempt to discover new portions of the world. In this game, though, serpents aren’t a danger. Instead, they are the scatter symbol that can actually provide riches if enough of them come up over the course of a spin.

Three serpent scatters in a spin yield a multiplier of 5x in this game, while four serpents means a 20x multiplier, and five serpents equals a multiplier of 80x. That can be a very lucrative combination, and one that players should seek out as they play.

Follow your compass to bonuses

There is a bonus game in this slot, with players needing three compasses across five reels to trigger it. Players are tasked with selecting which X icons they want to dig for treasure in to claim bonuses at each spot. Just watch out for a skull and crossbones, which ends the adventure.

Age of Discovery tips and tricks

Players should be careful to play this slot free before diving into it too deeply, but once they are accustomed to it, they should play with as many paylines as possible. With some lucrative multipliers out there, this is one game where maximizing a player’s chances to win is worth it.

This review of Age of Discovery is a positive one, thanks to all of the bonuses and big multipliers that the game trots out. Just like the actual age of discovery, there is a lot of hope for riches to be had here.