Play Alaxe in Zombieland online

Logo Alaxe in ZombielandNow, if you actually enjoyed the Alice in wonderland slot from the Microgaming Group, then you have a similar slot here. The story of the girl that slipped into the rabbit hole and the world she met inside it is reenacted here. However, since there must be a unique turn to it, the 5 reels and 25 pay-lines Alaxe in Zombieland slot takes the maiden into the fantasy world that is inhabited by an avalanche of hungry and bloodthirsty zombies instead. There are lots of symbols and features to help you win, the RTP is very good at 96.55%, and the jackpot is of 2,500 credits and this review will show you which symbols are important. Further, you will learn more about an online promotion you don`t want to miss and also see some tips and tricks for Alaxe in Zombieland.

The intriguing gameplay and symbols

If you want to experience the meaning of the world intrigue in its fullness, this is where to be. In this version, the entire story is laced in humor, but with extreme creepiness and gloom that can scare the fainthearted away. Now, you will be taken to a graveyard during the moonlight, with a very foggy and dark ambience. In the same environment, you will see patches of bright red color, signifying blood. The game portrays Alaxe as the brave, and she must fight to save her life even in the midst of zombies. Your role in the game will be to assist her fight them and come out alive. There are many symbols, features, and bonuses to help you do this, and many prizes are to be won while at it.

  • Simple symbols in this online slot are the card symbols of 9 and others, plus Ace, King, Queen and Jack
  • The characters of the casino story are high paying, and they include Alaxe, the Cheshire cat, Mad Hunter and the Hare of March
  • The special symbols here are the wild and the three different scatter symbols

Alaxe in Zombieland Ingame

Without a doubt the slot Alaxe in Zombieland is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Traditional Wild symbols

There is a wild symbol in the game and it works like the traditional wild. That is to say that it has the capacity to replace all other symbols when it appears, except the scatter symbol.

The three huge Scatter symbols

There are three scatter symbols in the Alaxe in Zombieland casino title, and they all have their bonus features. The Option Scatter symbol makes the gravestone feature to come alive, and here, gravestones are selected by the player. When you do, Alaxe will chop it and you win the corresponding prize.

The next is the Watch Scatter symbol which will take you to the Tea Party free spins. You choose a watch and it reveals the number of picks you are entitled to. Pick a tea pot and the amount of free spins and multipliers you have won will be revealed. With three watch scatter symbols, you reactivate this feature.

The Key Scatter is the third, and it will open the Red Queen Adventure for you. When it does, five tombstones will be shown to you to select from. Paint the roses on the chosen stone and win an award. When you land an award that is more valuable than the tombstone, you move to the next round, until you unlock the escape level. Here, you will open one of the six given doors and win a multiplier and the red queen for the last prize.

The Tea Party free spins & bonus feature

The Tea Party bonus is also available here, and could be triggered by the watch. When you do, then you must select from the given kettles if you wish to unravel free spins and multipliers. This can only be on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels. For you to activate the tea party, you must land three of these.

Useful tips and tricks

There is no advice as important as telling you to learn every game and understand the gameplay, the intrigues, the paying patterns and the winning strategies before you ever stake your money. If not, you should continue to play slot for free till you have mastered the game.

Last line

Of course, this is a game that lands you in a creepy atmosphere. But one thing you can’t take away from it is the fact that it is full of actions. It is actually a very interesting game to enjoy. There are many bonus games, the rewards are massive and it has a very good music. However, it has a not too good graphics, and the stakes are high. However, it is good for lovers of creepy games.