Play Alchemist’s Lab online

Logo Alchemist's LabFor science lovers and those who fantasize about scientific inventions, this is the game to satisfy their urge. This is a 3 reels and 1 pay-line slot from the Playtech Group, and it is all about the magical and mythical art of alchemy. Many people see it as one of the oldest arts of philosophy, and therefore one of the precursors of learning and science. This is a situation where objects are purified and transformed into other things. Things are turned into more valuable substances here with many symbols and features. The game comes with an RTP of 97%, which is one of the best you can get anywhere, and will give you the chance to land a 10,000 jackpot.

The scientific gameplay and symbols

Here, every player will get down to the act of mixing substances and achieving results that will earn them some good money. When you play this casino title, you will win based on the symbols you are able to trigger on the pay-lines that are active, and there are many symbols and features to help you in this regard.

  • The simpler symbols are the test tube, coins, gold rings, green and red flasks
  • There is also the old book scatter which is a special paying icon

Alchemist's Lab Ingame

Curious? Try your lucky here.

No Wild symbols

One of the significant things about the Alchemist’s Lab online title is the fact that there are no wild combinations in the game. Also, it is one of the simplest games you can enjoy. This is because there are no special and confusing features to trouble you.

Sweet old book Scatter symbols

In the course of the review of the Alchemist’s Lab, it was discovered that the scatter symbol is the old Book. When three of these books are landed on the pay-lines, the bonus feature will be activated. Because of the functions of this old book feature in this casino title, the game is very fun filled.

Colorful bonus feature

Now, you should also understand that what you are looking at here is a bonus round slot. That is to say that there is a bonus feature that you can win. To win and enjoy this feature here, all you should do is choose from the given colorful substances. This will reward you with a gold coin that increases your bank balance. You can also click on the bottles to come up with a metal that will also pay you some value.

The best tips and tricks to use

Before you start playing any online casino game, especially for slots, you should first of all set your preferences. Don’t miss to set the coins, bet and others. When you are done with this, you can start the games. However, both those who play slot for free, and people who wager real money, should make sure their proposed bankroll is not tampered with. Stick with it and never chase losses.


Now, if you really want to earn money in your endeavors in the online casino, you need to engage in this type of free play slot machine. It pays hugely, in the sense that your winning will always be more than what you wagered. This is not a game that makes you feel good alone, it is one that also puts food on your table.