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Logo AliensPowered by the renowned online game software provider, NetEnt, Aliens is inspired by the successful sci-fi movie, Alien, directed by the prolific producer and director, James Cameron. With an impressive design, the game offers everything that makes a game thick and popular among gamers in the online space. But that is of course not everything as this comprehensive Aliens review will show you. This article covers the most important symbols. It will present you information about the Scatter and Wild symbols and it will also give you the chance to grab a nice bonus. Last but not least, you will see information about available tips and tricks.

Alluring gameplay and symbols

Aliens has 15 pay-lines and five reels and is one of the best video slot games that welcome players to play slots for free if they wish or wager with real money. The game has some symbols that are used for recognizing its major characters and features. These symbols have different values and perform different functions as well.

  • An Un-Hatched Egg is the lowest-value symbol while a Monster staring at you directly is the most valuable symbol in the game.
  • The higher symbol is the Weyland-Yutani Corpopration

Aliens Ingame

If you want to take the chance and win a nice price, you can try your luck here.

Aliens slot’s Wild symbols

The Weyland-Yutani Corpopration symbol is the wild. The wild symbol can be found on in the first level on the second to the fifth reels. It can be found on any part of the reels in the second level. This symbol can replace the best winning combination when it appears on a bet line.

No Scatter symbols

In sharp contrast to other games, Aliens slot doesn’t have a scatter symbol. Thus, the wild symbol, represented by the symbol of Weyland-Yutani Corporation, is the most important symbol in the game.

Numerous free spins and bonus features

The bonus section is divided into three sections. These are:

Level 1: This is otherwise known as The Search section. Here, you are required to collect symbols while hunting for Alien activity. Use the symbols to fill up a multiplier meter that is placed above the reels. If you succeed at filling the meter with the symbols, you will then have access to the second level where you can make phenomenal wins.

Level 2: This is the Encounter level. Here, you must fight your way to the level three (Queen Hive) through gun-wielding aliens. The multipliers from Level 1 serve as the symbol here.

There are ammo symbols that are kept in the ammo clip reel. Landing one of these ammos in the middle of a reel will give the ammo clip encounter a massive boost that will automatically lead to re-spinning as you shoot the aliens. You can have the highest winnings

Level 3: The Hive is another name that this level is known as. In this level, you can get five re-spins and a chance to kill the Queen Hive with nothing but a grenade. You need the combination of the multipliers and some grenades to kill the Queen. If you achieve this feat, you will be rewarded with up to 570,000 coins or 240x your stake. That’s a good reward for your efforts.

Proven tips and tricks

As a player, you obviously need a way to get the best result for your gaming efforts. You can achieve this by using the right tricks and tips when playing any game, including the Aliens slot game. The first trick is to adjust your bet before embarking on playing the game. Use the Level button to specify your wager amount.

With the Coin Value, you can equally regulate the coin size by choosing from the available options, 0.01 is the minimum value while the maximum value is 1. Use the Max Bet option to place the highest bet and play at that level while the Auto Play button allows you to predetermine the actual number of times you want to play the game without being interrupted.


Players can play slot for free and study the game by using its free spins and the demo version. If Aliens movies are your thing, this game will give you a special experience as well. The setting and the features are top notch.