Play All Fruits HD online

Logo All Fruits HDAll Fruits HD is an exciting slot game with colorful fruits that add spark and beauty to the overall beauty of the game. You will find the game irresistible with its attractive fruits, vivid graphics, amazing rewards and features in this online game. This review gives more information about the features and offers available on this game. In detail, you will read more about the symbols of All Fruits. After that you will learn about possible Scatter and Wild symbols and you will read about tips and tricks. Moreover, you will be presented with a promotional offer from a popular online casino site. In other words, this All Fruits review will show you all the information you need in order to get the most of your experience.

What’s the focus and symbols of All Fruits HD?

All Fruits HD is the product of Word Match, a software provider dedicated to providing amazing slot games that are both appealing and offer tons of excitements. Its five reels in three rows feature is a common one for slot game players, making it a convenient game to play for casino gamblers who either want to play slot for free or for money. It also has an impressive 25 pay-lines that players can leverage when playing.

As it is customary of all slot games, All Fruits HD has scores of symbols that perform different functions that contribute to general performance of the game.

  • Some of the common symbols on All Fruits HD are Cherry, Apple, Berries, Plum, Banana, Strawberry, and Kiwi
  • The extraordinary symbols are the Bet Multipliers scatter, the Jackpot and the Game symbol wild

All Fruits HD Ingame

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Wild symbol and its significance

There is also the Wild symbol. It can substitute for other symbols in the game, except free Spin and Scatters symbols. This is represented by the Slot symbol and allows you to win massively by aligning with other symbols with the few exceptions mentioned above.

The major Scatter symbols

For the Scatter symbol, it is a great multiplier that gives you access to higher wins. You may have multipliers between 1x and 5x, depending on the Scatter symbol that is displayed while playing. These multipliers give you a chance to multiply your earnings considerably. The Scatter symbols are called Bet Multipliers for obvious reasons.

Massive free spins and bonus features

When you get three free spin symbols and more, you are entitled to some free spins. These will have an influence on the lines that are specifically selected for this particular game that allows the players to win free spins. In addition to the free spins, the other contributors to great bonuses are the Scatter and Wild symbols that open the door to great winning combinations that make it easier for a player to have the desired result for his or her playing efforts.

Practical tips and tricks

Regardless of your expertise as a gamer, you can up your game with some practical tips and tricks. The following are some trick and tips that can work in your favor. Make the game faster and more exciting with the Fast Play option. Faster spins are what you will get and that will contribute to your game.

If you wish to have the ability to pause the game temporarily at your convenience, go ahead and do that with the Spin Stop feature. The frequency of the game will be increased as the game becomes faster and more promising. Sometimes, you may desire to play a couple of games one after the other, do that with the Fast Play option and enjoy your game.


A game with great HD graphics and advanced control toolbar promises to offer you the best experience in the slot game industry. If you wish, you can leverage these features and other bonus features to give yourself a unique gaming experience with a good chance to make some winnings as you do.