Play Amazon Queen online

Logo Amazon QueenTaking a trip to the Amazon has never been so exciting as it is when playing Amazon Queen. Also known as Queen of the Wild, this five-reel and 20 payline game offers the ability to sample some of the wildlife of the rainforest, while catching a glimpse of the Amazon queen herself if you are lucky enough. And this detailled review will show you a nice glimpse ahead. Make sure you don´t skip this article. All you need to do to be fully prepared for this adventure is to read the follwoing information about the important symbols, the tips and tricks and the promotional offer. So make sure you do that before you start playing this entertaining game.

Amazon symbols

There are plenty of symbols that are reminiscent of what a player would see from the actual rainforest itself in this game. Things like animals and images of the actual rainforest, along with the Amazon princess, really set the scene for this game. What does not set the scene, however, is the card suit symbols, which feel like a missed opportunity given how aesthetically pleasing the rest of the symbols in this game are.

  • Amazon Queen – scatter symbol
  • Rainforest – wild symbol
  • Gorilla
  • Tiger
  • Parrot
  • Snake
  • Fruit
  • Card suits

Amazon Queen Ingame

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One Wild rainforest

The image of the rainforest is the wild symbol for this game, which allows players the opportunity to match any symbol on the board with the exception of the Amazon queen herself. These symbols make it more possible to form winning combinations along as many as 20 paylines, which is of course the goal.

Queen of Scatters

The scatter symbol in this game is the majestic Amazon queen, who can make it very rewarding to see her on the reels of this game, to say the least. Players have the opportunity to earn free spins when the queen shows up in quantities of three or more across the game’s five reels. Three queens means 10 free spins, while four queens equals 25 free spins, and five queens equals 100 free spins. Those totals ramp up quickly, and provide the potential for a big time win should the 100 spin mark be reached.

One knock against those free spins is the fact that there are no multipliers when they are activated. But with the potential for 100 free spins out there, there is no reason that the free spins shouldn’t be good enough on their own.

Amazon Queen tips and tricks

Amazon Queen players are encouraged to play the slot for free to find out if it is right for them before they get to far into the gameplay.

The summary

Taking a look around to see how doable it is to stack up the queens and earn free spins is a great way to prepare for playing the game for real. Also, understanding the symbols and how they work before playing is recommended, as reading the rules and pay table before starting any new slots game is a smart choice.