Play Ambiance online

Logo AmbianceAmbiance is an online slot game that focuses on the, well, ambiance surrounding the game just as much as it does the reels itself. With a music-heavy focus, this game provides an experience that is about more than just spinning the reels and looking at what the game has to offer aesthetically. That is a great quality, and makes for an interesting five-reel slot experience. That said, this game isn`t just appealing to people that are interested in spiritual guidance, but it appeals to the “normal player” target group as well. The team of admits that this introduction is quite vague and there might be some knowledge gaps. In order to close them, the following review will show you more information about the interesting symbols, the most important tips and tricks and it will give you the chance to claim a bonus.

Ambient symbols

This game features symbols that include music notes and various card values, combining the more mundane symbols with very aesthetically pleasing musical symbols. And with the symbols all being presented in a bright, neon sort of package, even the card value symbols look more pleasant than they usually do. Here is a quick look at the symbols up for grabs in Ambiance.

Ambiance Ingame

  • Rainbow music note – scatter symbol
  • Wild symbol
  • Music notes
  • Card values

Without a doubt the slot Ambiance is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Wild music

The wild symbol makes itself very easy to see in this game, as it is rainbow colored and has the word WILD emblazoned across it. That is nice from a convenience standpoint, if a bit gaudy. But regardless of how it looks, the wild symbol in this game matches any symbol that it can help form a winning combination with, making it one of the most valuable in the game.

Of course, the wild symbol is unable to transform into a scatter symbol, but that is a small price to pay for a symbol that can turn anything else into a lucrative win. Also, during free spins, at least two symbols are guaranteed to transform into wilds, increasing the chances of forming winning combinations during those free spins.

Scattered notes

The scattered music notes are the star of this show, as they afford players the greatest opportunities. These notes can show up anywhere on the game’s five reels and still pay, even if they don’t follow along the game’s 20 paylines. And if enough of these symbols do show up, players are paid handsomely for it, with 20 times the original bet amount being awarded for five of them.

Scatter symbols in this game also trigger free spins in an interesting way. For every scatter symbol that pops up in the game, a scatter is “collected”. And when five or more scatters are collected across several spins, the game triggers free spins for each scatter that was collected over the course of the game. During those free spins, additional scatters will trigger additional free spins, until all collected scatter spins have been used.

Ambiance slot tips and tricks

New players to Ambiance should play the slot free before playing it for money, to see how they like the music and overall feel of the game, as the game takes a bit of a non-traditional approach to the background of the game.

Short conclusion

Overall, Ambiance deserves praise in our review, as the game is ambitious enough to be interesting even without a crazy bonus round or anything similar. With scatters and wilds really changing this game in a positive way, there is a ton to like and a ton of ambiance to go with it.