Play Ancient Arcadia online

Logo Ancient ArcadiaHigh 5 Games is responsible for Ancient Arcadia, a game centered around Greek mythology, where your job is to stop Pan from getting away with his less than stellar treatment of the nymphs. The game itself touts its ability to deliver stacked wilds, scatters, and free spins, and it certainly does not disappoint in those areas, much to the delight of online slot enthusiasts. If you are now interested in the Ancient Arcadia slot game, make sure that you don`t skip this comprehensive review. It covers many aspects of the game, such as important symbols or tips and tricks. Further, you will see a promotional offer. Enjoy reading!

Greek symbols

While the symbols in this game aren’t quite the symbols of language used by the ancient Greeks, that is probably a good thing in that those could get difficult to understand. Instead, this game uses card value symbols, mixed with more exciting options where the game really comes to life. Here is what you can expect from a symbol perspective when playing Ancient Arcadia.

  • Free Games – scatter symbol
  • Ancient Arcadia – wild symbol
  • Scatter Bucks – scatter symbol
  • Pan
  • Nymphs
  • Card value symbols (10/Jack/Queen/King/Ace)

Ancient Arcadia Ingame

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Arcadian Wilds

One of the biggest criticisms of this game, aside from the use of the card value symbols, is the fact that the wild symbol just says the name of the game on it. With an entire universe of mythological items to work with, the game played it safe by using the name of the game as its wild symbol. With that said, the wilds in this game form winning combinations with any symbol that isn’t one of the scatters. And at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

The other main symbols in this game, Pan and the nymphs, are not used quite as much as you would like, as they don’t have any real interactive components. Using them to trigger a bonus round where they can be rescued would be fun, but nothing like that takes place here.

Several Scatters

There are a couple of scatter symbols worth noting in this game, with the free games and scatter bucks symbols both existing to make the game more exciting and lucrative for its players. The free games symbol is pretty easy to understand, as the game awards free spins when enough of these symbols are active. Three free games symbols awards players seven free spins.

As for the scatter bucks symbol, this scatter just awards cold, hard cash. When the scatter bucks symbol is present in reel five, combined with a green or blue scatter bucks symbol across the other reels, players can win anywhere from 2x to 25x the amount bet on that spin. Depending on the amount wagered in this game that allows up to 40 paylines, that could be a huge haul.

Ancient Arcadia tips and tricks

For new players to Ancient Arcadia, it’s a good idea to play the slot for free to get an idea as to what the game will be like without having to invest into it. For more seasoned players, not using all 40 paylines in each spin could be a good hint, as the game can be less costly when not all of the lines are in use.

The summary

As a whole, Ancient Arcadia earns a positive review for finding multiple ways to use scatter symbols in interesting fashion. While some of the symbol usage could be improved, the game as a whole is certainly worthy of going down in mythological lore.