Play Angel or Devil online

Logo Angel or DevilThe debate between angel and devil is one thought to exist within everyone, with the image of the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other being common to describe struggles of conscience. We all know that. Many of us have experienced this struggle and other people have seen this “discussion” in the media. It is therefore not a huge surprise that there is a Angel or Devil game. In the Angel or Devil online slot game, that internal struggle becomes a struggle for slot supremacy, as both entities look to win you over while you attempt to win on the reels. But how can players “earn” money? Well, this comprehensive review shows you the way. Also, it will present you with all necessary information with regards to symbols, Scatters and Wilds and also it will give you the possibility to claim a promotional offer.

Symbols of struggle

Just like the actual struggle between the angel and devil to guide someone’s decision making, the struggle between the angel and devil in this game shows in the symbols used. Some are reminiscent of things that an angel would favor, while others are decidedly more devilish. But regardless of what you would choose, here is a list of the symbols used in this game and what significance they might have on the game if any.

Angel or Devil Ingame

  • Angel – wild symbol
  • Devil – wild symbol
  • A and D symbols – scatter symbols
  • Number 7
  • Bell
  • Card value symbols (10/Jack/Queen/King/Ace)

It is somewhat disappointing that a game that features such strong imagery went with card value symbols instead of more angelic and devilish symbols. With the blue, heavenly sky sitting atop the reels and the red, firey depths sitting below them, seeing a 10 or Jack just doesn’t convey the message of the game as well as one might like.

Without a doubt the slot Angel or Devil is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Wild angels and devils

If there is one thing that the angel and devil in this game do agree on, it is what value they should carry throughout the game. Both the angel and devil symbols serve as wilds that can match any symbol on the board with the exception of the game’s scatter symbols. Across five reels and 20 paylines, those wilds can create a series of winning combinations.

A and D Scatters

The A and D symbols in this game stand for Angel and Devil, and they also serve as the game’s scatters. Enough of the scatters can prompt bonuses and bonus rounds, which are sure to liven up even the most angelic player’s day. And with the ability to earn up to a 50x multiplier depending on the combinations of symbols that pop up on a given spin, it is clear that there are plenty of chances for a player to make big money.

Angel or Devil tips and tricks

Angel or Devil players should try the game before they buy, so to speak, and play the slot for free. Also, players should try to play with the slider that this game features, where players can control their level of risk in the game. Favoring the angel leads to a higher win probability, but smaller payouts in those wins, while the devil translates typically to fewer wins but more lucrative ones.

The short summary

Angel or Devil has a lot of cool features, with their risk/reward slider being one of the neater things you’ll see in a slots game. Online casino players should enjoy that, as well as the interesting imagery between good and evil.