Play Antique Riches online

Logo Antique RichesAntiques can be extremely valuable and so can each spin in the Antique Riches online slot game, where players look to unearth valuable old pieces of property to cash in. Given the theme this isn`t a typical slot game and that makes it so interesting. Make sure you don`t skip this important article. In this review of Antique Riches, find out what you can expect from the game before you go to play it in an online casino setting. Learn more about the important symbols you should opt for, if there are any tips and tricks you should know and whether or not you can expect bonus rounds. Last but not least, this review will give you the chance to claim a nice bonus offer.

Antique symbols

All of the symbols in this game are made to look old in one way or another, with even the card value symbols being fashioned to look retro. That is a part of an aesthetically pleasing motif as a whole, which sees the game take place in an antique cabinet, with 25 paylines joining the antiques in that cabinet. While the use of the card value symbols isn’t exactly an inspired choice, there are plenty of cool symbols to keep this game interesting. Here is a look at what symbols are available throughout Antique Riches.

  • Chalice
  • Necklace
  • Plate
  • Clock
  • Card value symbols (9/10/Jack/Queen/King/Ace)
  • Antique Riches symbol – scatter
  • Antique shop symbol – wild

Antique Riches Ingame

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Born to be Wild

The wild symbols in Antique Riches are the symbols that say Antique Shop across them, emulating a sign that would be found outside of an antique shop. These symbols can be swapped out for a symbol to form a winning combination on a given spin, and cannot be substituted for scatter symbols. Which symbol the wild is substituted for depends on which combination would be the highest paying.

Scattered Antiques

In Antique Riches, the Antique Riches logo itself is the scatter symbol. If these appear in reels one and five, an antique can be collected by the player. After enough antiques are collected, players can “auction off” their antiques so to speak to the tune of big prizes. This is a fun bonus round, and fits in the with the popularity of shows where antique items are appraised and sold.

For every 10 antiques that are racked up, by the way, players get 10 free spins and the opportunity to collect additional antiques for every scatter that shows up during those free spins.

Antique Riches tips and tricks

Antique Riches Players are best served to play the slot for free to practice the game and get a feel for the design and rules ahead of time. Making sure that you are happy with the way the wilds are set up in this game, for example, is a smart idea before investing in the game. Adjusting the number of paylines used in this game is recommended as well, with spins getting expensive if all 25 paylines are used with a bet higher than the minimum.

A short conclusion

The design of Antique Riches is the highlight of the game, as players can transport themselves into where their antiques are stored, then try to auction those items for a handsome profit. It’s a fun way to approach the slots, instead of the typical casino game that doesn’t put as much imagination into the game as you would like. And with plenty of bonus and wild opportunities, the game itself is worth playing as well.