Play Arabian Caravan online

Logo Arabian CaravanArabian Caravan is not a unique game, in that so many online slot developers are using the Arabian theme for their games these days. This has a long tradition and there are many reasons for it. One obvious reason is that it just works fine. People are fascinated by the orient and Online players are no exception. On the other hand, there are some things that are unique to this game that are worth checking out, as players will look to spin their way through the desert to bring their caravan to some big riches along the way. In this review of Arabian Caravan, find out what you can expect from the Middle Eastern-themed game. This article will also show you which symbols are important and if there are any bonus features.

Arabian symbols

The symbols in Arabian Caravan are all based around the Middle Eastern theme. The only exception to that is the card symbols that plague this game, with values from nine to Ace getting in the way of other, more visually appealing symbols. The rest of the symbols in the game are tied to the game’s theme, with players hoping to land on those in large quantities. Here is a list of the available symbols in the game.

Arabian Caravan Ingame

  • Camel – scatter symbol
  • Palace – wild symbol
  • Sultan
  • Magic lamp
  • Hookah
  • Pillows

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One Wild palace

WIlds in this game are represented by an image of a palace, which is fitting in that enough wilds could help players afford a palace of their very own. These symbols are available to replace any of the symbols that appear on the board to form winning combinations, with the scatter symbols being the only symbol that cannot be replaced.

Scattered camels

The mighty camel serves as the scatter symbol in this game, with the scatters having the potential to transport players into the desert jar bonus game. If three or more scatters show up over the course of one spin, the bonus is activated, with players being presented with 15 jars to choose from. If they choose a jar containing an oasis, they receive a cash reward. Choosing a jar containing a city yields a bigger cash reward and a new set of jars to choose from. And choosing a jar containing sand ends the bonus round.

No free spins

You will notice that there is a lack of a free spin trigger located in this game, with there being a bonus level to look forward to instead. While free spins are never a bad thing, the game tries to make up for the lack of them elsewhere, and succeeds for the most part.

Arabian Caravan tips and tricks

Players should play the slot for free to make sure they like it before they pay into it. This is especially true for players who want free spins, as giving the game a try might convince them that it is still worth their time even without the feature they enjoy most from the slots. Managing bet amounts to make funds last as long as possible is another recommendation, once players begin playing this game for real money.

The summary

As a whole, Arabian Caravan does a good job of standing out as much as they can in a crowded slots genre, thanks to a fun and interesting bonus level that makes up for the lack of free spins found in the game.