Play Archibald Orient HD online

Logo Archibald Orient HDThe World Match Group never relents in ensuring that it gets the best out of any series it starts, and the series involving the adventure of the traveler named Archibald seems to be one of the best of these. Here, you will be faced once again with the intrigues involving the most relentless adventure seeker named Archibald. Now, you are not going to be exploring Africa or the west with him here. Rather, you will traverse the plains of the beautiful east. Coming with 5 reels and an amazing 50 pay-lines, World Match succeeded in infusing lots of winning symbols and bonuses in this game. But the most notable thing is that this video slot has a very low bet range of 0.01 to 100, with a 95.16% RTP.

The gameplay and symbols in Archibald Orient HD

There are a whole lot of differences between the Archibald Orient HD and others in the series. This will be the major thing that will attract and keep you in the game. The slot is designed to be like a video game, and you will have 3 rows containing 5 boxes, instead of the normal reels in this casino. These boxes come in different colors, and they serve as the symbols to help you win credits as you escort Archibald in exploring the east.

Archibald Orient HD Ingame

  • These symbols that come in form of colors are very huge paying ones, and they include grey, blue, yellow, and purple, with the first as the highest paying – 5 of it pays up to 1500 credits
  • The review showed that the specials come in form of the scatter symbols, the joker wild sign and the matrix free spins

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The Joker Wild symbols

Here, the wild icon does the work of a joker. When you land it, it will stand in place of any other missing symbol to make sure that winnings are completed and paid out. This function ensures that the wildcard symbol makes way for the maximum payouts on any winning line when it appears. It replaces all the other symbols, but not the scatter, the bonus game and the free spin game.

The Multiplier Scatter symbols

This online pokie comes with a scatter symbol, and when it appears, any win line will get the scatter win on it. When the symbols appear in a specific sequence, the number on the pay table will be used to multiply the total bet to give you the amount you will win. When another symbol gives way for any of the symbols on the table, you get an interest.

Gainful free spins & bonus feature

Now, the free spins game comes with its own icon. All you need to do to make this active is to try and trigger it on the matrix. When you do, the number to be revealed on the table will multiply it. However, you have to enjoy it on the same lines and bets as in the base game.

Winning tips and tricks

Now, we have come into the generation that never wants to work, but will always want to eat. The result is that people do not learn the ropes and acquire skills again. If you want to play slot for free all the time, you can risk not learning it. But if you intend to deposit real money and wager with it, you will need to practice the games, and learn the rules and strategies through the demo version. It’s only when you have mastered the games that you can now move to the real money version of Archibald Orient HD.


Many players prefer games with high bonuses and huge credits. If you are one of those, you will love this game. Now, it may come with rules that need to be learnt and practiced before you can get a grip of them, yes. However, the fact that you can adjust the spinning speed, enjoy the scatter and wilds, and win a huge jackpot with good sounds and images makes it one of the most preferred games.