Play Arctic Adventure HD online

Logo Arctic AdventureNow, whenever you are enjoying the summer hotness and are secretly wishing that a little winter will come, you can fantasize on it with this amazing slot. In such a situation, the Artic Adventure HD game will just taste like chocolate or beer. Here, you will enjoy the relaxing, cooling, soothing and refreshing nature of the ice and snow of the artic. In this 5 reels and 9 pay-lines video slot from World Match group, players will enjoy a snow adventure atmosphere. People can bet between 0.01 and 18 here, and the return to player is up to 94.39%. That is a pretty good value and even higher than money other slots you can find in the colorful world of online gambling. Of course, this slot has more to offer and this article covers every tiny peace of it with a special focus on an online casino that offers this slot and a great promotional offer.

The nitty-gritty of the game and its symbol

Upon arrival, you will experience a very cooling effect through the snowy atmosphere of the online game. However, the sound and visuals is top notch, and will satisfy everything you crave in an internet casino title. It comes with a masterful detailing, with rules that are all complicated, yet simple to understand and implement. Just set your gaming preferences and start spinning the reels to land the wins. But before then, you should understand the symbols and features that will help you land the prizes.

  • The lower symbols are up to 12. They include the playing card symbols of ace, king, queen and jack, and they come in purple, light blue, dark blue and green respectively
  • Other symbols are the ship, the north pole sign, the seal, and the small tent
  • Special payers are the 3 scatter symbols and the wildcard symbol

Arctic Adventure Ingame

If you want to take the chance and win a nice price, you can try your luck here.

The natural Wild symbols

There is also a wild card symbol in the Artic Adventure HD, and it is a natural wild, which means it can stand in place of other symbols in the game to form winning combinations. However, from our review, it cannot replace the other two special symbols, namely the scatter symbol and the bonus game.

The high rewarding Scatter symbols

The online entertainment comes with a scatter symbol too. Now, when you activate three of these on the reels, the game will take another turn, taking you to the bonus game. In this round of the casino gameplay, you should select one of the rows. When you do, you will be rewarded according to what the chosen row has in stock for you.

The bonus feature

The bonus game icon when landed on the reels will lead you to a special free game. With this, you will be presented with different numbers of spins depending on the number of the bonus games you land. Here comes ice boxes in five different columns, and you are meant to choose from them to reveal the prizes won. There are no explicit free spins.

Beneficial tips and tricks

The game comes with very simple instructions. But this does not remove the dynamic and versatile play nature of the game. However, one sure fire thing in the Artic Adventure HD, whether you play slot for free or wager real money is that you win more based on how big your ambitions are. If you wish to enjoy a 1 line play, you can. But you also have the chance to increase it to 9.


One of the significant things here is that you will be presented many opportunities to win, and here, we are talking about very huge wins. Though it looks complicated at first sight, the gameplay is very simple, as everything is explained on the toolbar shortcut. The sound is good, the animations and graphics are good, though the RTP is bit low. However, it’s a nice game to enjoy.