Play Atomic Age online

Logo Atomic AgeAtomic Age takes players back to the 1950s, a rather dark time in recent human history, where nuclear threats were a defining trait of the era. Some may remember the famous saying duck and hide. Well, as funny as this sentence is portrayed nowadays, it wasn´t funny back then. But now, let´s get back to entertainment. In this online slot game, casino players don’t have to worry about anything except for hoping that the reels reveal the right combinations to make a boatload of cash. In this old-school slot, a retro look combines with five reels and up to 15 paylines for an explosively good time. In this review of Atomic Age, find out just what to expect.

Explosive symbols

Atomic Age doesn’t actually have anything to do with the nuclear weaponry that was rapidly developing during the ‘50s. Instead, the symbols in this game are centered around the trends of that time period. Most notably, cars, record players, and soda pops are featured in the game’s symbols. Here is a rundown of the symbols that you can expect when you play Atomic Age.

  • Cash register – scatter bonus
  • Drive-in – scatter bonus
  • Spaceship – wild
  • Atomic bomb
  • Atom
  • Small spaceship
  • Television
  • Record player
  • Soda pop
  • Float
  • Gelatin

Atomic Age Ingame

As you can see, there are a lot of symbols in this game. That is because the makers of Atomic Age didn’t fill their game with card value symbols that only act as filler. That is a huge boost for the game, as it feels like there was effort put into every detail about the game from start to finish. As a player, that makes you want to choose this game more than others.

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Two bonuses

Players can take advantage of two different scatter symbols in this game that trigger bonus rounds. One such symbol is the cash register, while the other is the drive-in movie symbol, complete with pink car. Both of those symbols pay out 50x when five such symbols show up on a given spin, but the real value here is in the bonus round, where wins are multiplied by the original amount wagered.

Spacing out

Science fiction was a huge part of pop culture in the 1950s, with all of the evolving technology making it possible to make pretty good films based on aliens invading and other interesting subjects. In this game, science fiction is also a part of the equation, with an alien spaceship making up the wild symbol for Atomic Age. These symbols can match any on the board with the exception of the two scatter symbols. Also, if five wilds show up along a given payline, a 7500x win is the result.

Atomic Age tips and tricks

Atomic Age players should play the slot free before playing for real cash, to get an idea as to how the cash register and drive-in bonus rounds work. Also, seeing how a player likes a game that doesn’t offer any free spin bonuses is a smart move before investing too heavily into it.

The conclusion

The Atomic Age game doesn’t have spectacular graphics, but then again neither did anything in the time period it is depicting. Overall, two bonus rounds and a lucrative wild symbol make this game worth playing, and the nods to its time period make it even better.