Play Aztec Moon online

Logo Aztec MoonAztec Moon is an online slot game that looks to take players back to a time where central America featured some of the most robust civilizations in history. With five reels and up to 50 paylines, this game has plenty of chances for robust payouts, and some intrigue along the way. In this review of Aztec Moon, find out everything you need to know about the game before you start playing. This in depth Aztec Moon review will show you the necessary information about the important symbols of the game. You will see a great promotional offer and you will get some important tips and tricks that you can use to improve your chances. Make sure you don´t skip this review.

Not so lunar symbols

The first thing you will notice about Aztec Moon is the fact that the game’s symbols have absolutely nothing to do with the moon whatsoever. There is a sun symbol, but anything that could possibly be construed as the moon is blocked out by text on the symbols that use its imagery. Here is a rundown of the symbols that are in play in Aztec Moon.

  • Aztec Man
  • Aztec Woman
  • Sun
  • Snake
  • Flower
  • Card values (Ace/King/Queen/Jack)
  • Free Games – free spins
  • Bonus
  • Wild

Aztec Moon Ingame

As you can see, the special symbols in this game are very easy to tell apart, as they all have text on them mentioning exactly what they are. This is terrific for players who don’t want to have to remember what everything signifies before every spin, as the game does a nice job of remembering it for you.

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Free spins once in an Aztec Moon

Everybody loves free spins, and Aztec Moon has them for players who end up with the requisite amount of free spins symbols. Three or more free spins symbols trigger 12 free spins, along with whatever winnings are made available as a result of landing the free spins. Three free spins symbols are worth less than five free spins symbols, for example, but the 12 free spins do not increase regardless of how many symbols appear.

Aztec bonus

The Aztec Moon bonus round symbol is a second scatter symbol that this game offers players. It allows the opportunity to choose from a series of ancient glyphs, with each one offering a different bonus value. The game has a little bit of a luck of the draw feel to it, which is fine considering it took some luck to get to the bonus round to begin with. Three or more bonus symbols in any position triggers the bonus round.

Getting Wild

The wild symbol in this game is a full-reel occupying symbol that can substitute for any symbol on the board with the exception of the free spins and bonus round symbols. Those wilds can set up some lucrative combinations given how many spaces they take up.

Aztec Moon tips and tricks

Aside from the recommendation to play the slot for free for first timers, the most important advice out there is to try to play Aztec Moon with varying numbers of paylines. The full 50 paylines can get expensive, whereas adjusting that number can help preserve a bankroll.

The conclusion

Aztec Moon isn’t a creative game conceptually, but the game does offer a bonus round and some opportunities for free spins, with a large wild that can make the game worth your while.